Picture of the Day: The 1850’s Homeplace in Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes

I Could, Literally, Spend the Entire Day There

The 1850s Homeplace, Land Between the Lakes

The 1850’s Homeplace, Land Between the Lakes

You know those special places that you love SO much you can’t wait to get there and absolutely hate to have to leave? The 1850’s Homeplace, in Kentucky’s gorgeous Land Between the Lakes region, is just such a place for us. We love every minute we spend at the Homeplace and often talk about our next visit.

It’s as though time stands still on the Homeplace farm and the feeling is palpable the minute you walk up the walk. People are dressed in period costumes and love to interact with their guests. They’ll tell you how they spend their days and give you what amounts to as a fascinating little history lesson.

You know what that means, right? Bring the kids and let them think they’re JUST having fun!

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