Arts and Crafts Festival in Grand Rivers, Kentucky

Pottery WheelFor those of us who are artsy-minded, this is the sort of thing that makes us wag our creative tails. Kentucky Western Waterlands is sponsoring an Arts and Crafts Festival that will run on August 30, 31, and September 1. It’ll take place at Little Lake Park in beautiful Grand Rivers, Kentucky.  For those unfamiliar with the area, Little Lake Park is behind Badgett Playhouse.

You can look forward to handmade jewelry, furniture, baskets, quilts, pottery, clothing, belts and wooden decorative items are featured along with stained glass, embroidery & paintings by vendors from nine states. There will be over 100 different artisan & Craftsmen booths! Enjoy barbecue, traditional carnival food, live music and shopping.

Okay, you know the drill. What do I do each and every time I point you toward Grand Rivers, Kentucky? You got it – bonus points for you! I tell you to take your taste buds to The Fudge Factory and load up on the world’s best fudge. Then I point out that you MUST get some of the Peanut Butter Fudge, Dulche de Leche Fudge, and Tiger Butter Fudge. I say, feel free to load up on others, too, just make sure you grab this trio immediately (better be quick, if I beat you there, it’s all over with).

I tell you that the friendliest people on the face of the earth can be found inside this adorable little shop. In addition to fudge that’ll make your world stand still, they have gifts and goodies as well. But, I hasten to point out, the main thing is the remarkable fudge.

Yep. That’s pretty much the drill. But you know what, I don’t like being predictable. So, I’m not going to say any of that this time. I’ll let a post go by without telling you that I lie awake at night thinking about this fudge.

I won’t tell you that when we go to the lakes, we’re going to start carrying a cooler with ice to bring back plenty to get us through the week. Nah, you don’t need to know that.

Maybe next time I’ll rave and rave about the world’s best fudge – but, for now, I’ll just cool my heels. And wish to God, above, that I had some fudge in front of me right now.

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