Picture of the Day: Barn Owls at Woodland’s Nature Station

Barn Owls

The adorable barn owls above are just two of the magnificent residents at Woodland’s Nature Station in the Land Between the Lakes (LBL). Before you get the wrong idea about this couple (or the other animals at the Nature Station), you should know that these are animals that could not survive on their own in the wild. ¬†They’re treated with great love and care at Woodland’s and are allowed to live out (and enjoy) their life without fear of predators or starvation.

The workers at Woodland’s treat all of these animals like you and I treat our pets.

Not only are these particular animals protected and cared for, the station provides a wealth of information and education about wildlife – ensuring that generations to come learn to appreciate and protect the beautiful animals God has give us.

A few of the animals you can enjoy and learn about at Woodland’s are:

  • owls
  • eagles
  • wolves
  • deer
  • snakes
  • hawks
  • turkeys
  • bobcats
  • etc!

Be sure to visit and support Kentucky’s gorgeous Land Between the Lakes and become such a regular at Woodland’s Nature Station that the animals know you by name.

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