Beautiful Kentucky Autumn Wallpapers

I’ve lived a lot of places…
Madisonville, Kentucky (born/raised)
Rantoul, Illinois
Wichita, Kansas
Earlington, Kentucky
Hanson, Kentucky,
Washingon, Indiana
New Albany, Indiana
Charlestown, Indiana
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Owensboro, Kentucky (Home Sweet Home)

…..and I’ve visited even more. But one thing I can say without the slightest hesitation is this – there’s no place quite as warm, vibrant, beautiful, and spirited as Kentucky in Autumn. I think our state is beautiful and wonderfully charming year-round – don’t get me wrong. But, when it comes to fall – she just flat-out shows off. Click the appropriate link below to access the picture that can be used for a desktop wallpaper.

Then, even if you spend the better part of your day in a home office or not-so-home office – you can feel like you’re in the beautiful outdoors with just one glance.

Wallpaper for Smaller Monitors

Wallpaper for Larger Monitors

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