Belew’s Dairy Bar: One of THE Best Burgers in the Land Between the Lakes Region

Belews Dairy Bar at Kentucky Lake

If you’ve been in business since 1951, you must be doing something right.  In the case of Belew’s Dairy Bar in Aurora, Kentucky, they’re doing at least one thing deliciously right – burgers!  My husband, Michael, and I stopped at Belew’s for lunch on a recent trip to Kentucky Lake.  We had hamburgers and onion rings, but the burgers were so outstanding that we nearly forgot about the onion rings.

The burgers are thin with the crunchy edges that drive burger lovers to absolute distraction. That’s where the flavor is, you know!

Everything about Belew’s Dairy Bar is absolute perfection. The friendliness, the reasonable prices, the food, the wonderful ice cream and milkshakes… There’s nothing about Belew’s I don’t love madly.

There are few things in the world that are quite as impressive as a uncommonly delicious hamburger. If you echo this mouth-watering sentiment, you MUST stop by Belew’s Dairy Bar on your next trip to Lake Barkley, Kentucky Lake, or anywhere in the Land Between the Lakes area.  It’s located on US Highway 62 East, just a little past Aurora BBQ – Home of the Winking Pig (Outstanding BBQ!).

I truthfully loved everything about Belew’s Dairy Bar and can’t wait to visit again and try their other sandwiches, sides, and dairy treats.  It will be, however, hard not to order their hamburger though – sheer perfection.  I also loved the “feel” of Belew’s – it’s a throwback to a simpler time: Carhops, milkshakes, Coke with crushed ice, and hamburgers so big and delicious you’re certain you’re in Burger Heaven.

Seriously, it’s just the best place to go after a day on the lake.

I’ll see you there – I’ll be the one with a melting ice cream cone in one hand and a half-eaten burger in the other.

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