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Kentucky Lake Picture

Beautiful Kentucky Lake

As I tweeted yesterday, I’m not sure if I’m loving the “taste of spring” or hating the “tease of spring” the weather’s treating us to.  I guess, if you get right down to it, I’m loving it. Sure, I know we still have a few weeks of cold weather, but I see spring and summer on the horizon and they look beautiful.

To further whet our appetite for warmer weather, I wanted to pass along a little information from the LBL (Land Between the Lakes).  With the help of the public, Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area has made some changes that offer a few more opportunities for outdoor recreation in 2013.

Now there are even more places to use a Backcountry Camping Permit. A weekend of camping will cost less at Smith Bay and Birmingham Ferry Campgrounds since they have been converted to Backcountry Camping Areas.

Another new recreational opportunity is the opening of 8,500 acres to day-use, known as the Northern Nature Watch Area. This area is located east of the Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway near Woodlands Nature Station and Taylor Bay, just off of Mulberry Flat Road (FS RD 135). This area is teaming with wildlife viewing opportunities by land and by water so bring binoculars and a camera!

Rushing Creek and Jones Creek Campgrounds have been closed to camping and vehicles due to budget reductions in maintenance as well as reduced visitation. However, Jones Creek Boat Ramp will remain open.

The 2013 season will begin on March 1. Be sure to visit the official website at under Alerts and Notices for a full list of fee changes and other new information.

I can’t wait for trips (with camera in hand) back to  The Nature Station, the Homeplace, Kentucky Lake, the Elk and Bison Prairie.  Come to think of it, the weather doesn’t have to be overly warm to enjoy Land Between the Lakes.  Besides, the local catfish restaurants served fried catfish and the best hushpuppies in the world year round.

And I just so happen to be free this weekend….

Come Outside and Play at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. Managed by the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Land Between The Lakes provides outdoor recreation, lake access, and environmental education for the public to enjoy. Visitors are encouraged to review the official website at often for Calendar of Events, updates on programs and policies, safety information, maps, temporary trail and road closures, and additional information, or call 800-LBL-7077 or 270-924-2000. Follow LBL on Twitter @LBLScreechOwl or @LandBtwnLakes.

See more pictures of Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes!

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