Picture of the Day: A Beautiful, Camera-Friendly Deer at Pennyrile Forest State Park

Deer at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

My beautiful little friend above was photographed at her home in Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park.  As I was taking pictures of the beautiful park, I noticed this graceful deer eating wild blackberries. I did my best cat burglar imitation (tippy toe, tippy toe, tippy toe), trying to sneak up on her for a picture or two or twenty. When she stopped eating and turned to look right at me, I thought, “Great, she’s about to bolt…” (and when deer bolt, they bolt!). I started to back up a little because, as an animal lover extraordinaire, the last thing I want to do is frighten a helpless animal.

Much to my surprise, she sort of just posed. I snapped a few pictures, thanked her, and went on my way.  Truth be told, I could have taken more, but it was more important to me to allow her to go about her day and enjoy her berries.

After all, I was a guest in HER home.

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