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Coconut Cream Pie


First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who tweet, pin, and interact with Genuine Kentucky.  We’re here for one reason – to shine a spotlight on the state we proudly call home and the people we proudly call neighbors.  When you share our Kentucky pictures, posts, and reviews – you’re helping the cause, so THANK YOU!

I’ve gotten quite a few events e-mailed to me lately and I’m in the process of writing about them. I’ll have them posted tomorrow.

I’m always excited to see so much going on in our state, with so many things to do in Kentucky.  Owensboro, alone, is a hotbed of activity this month!  We’re all hoping and praying (here in Owensboro) that rain will stay away from the Bar-B-Que Festival, but my husband has shown me the radar map and it looks pretty cloudy. Of course, that can always change.

If not…. well…. at least we won’t get sunburns!

A recent e-mail pointed out to me that I may need to clear something up:  The Kentucky Food category is not the same as the Kentucky Restaurants category on Genuine Kentucky.  Kentucky Food is dedicated to products you can buy either in stores or online, Kentucky recipes, cookbooks, and Kentucky cuisine in general.  Kentucky Restaurants covers new restaurants, favorite restaurants, and Kentucky restaurant reviews.  I’m completely sorry for any confusion.

As I always point out to people, we aren’t compensated for any of these food or restaurant reviews. I wouldn’t want to be, quite frankly, because then I’d feel like I had to say something pleasant even if my taste buds were cringing in pain!

The Kentucky Food category is actually fairly new. I had the Kentucky Restaurants going since day one, but when I decided to add a category devoted entirely to food products, recipes, and cookbooks, I didn’t want the posts (articles) showing up in the restaurant category, so I came up with the Food section.

We have so many wonderfully delicious food products in our state – fudge, jams, ham, bacon,  jellies, sauces, preserves, pies, fudge, candy, fudge (guess what I’m dying for right now) – it’s a pleasure to shine the spotlight on the brilliant people behind these foods.  As I said, the Food Category is fairly new, so there isn’t a lot there yet. It’s growing like crazy though… trust me.

Kentucky Restaurant Reviews

Someone recently asked me why I never reviewed a particular restaurant and I had to tell her, Because we’ve been several times and simply cannot find anything good to say. To have bland food is one thing, but to over-charge for it is completely nuts.  I simply can never find anything positive to say about this restaurant and I, for one, don’t want to write a review if I can’t find at least SOMETHING positive to say.

We’re not here to provoke, we’re here to promote.  Sure, there may be times when I say something like, “Get the rolls instead of the hush puppies” or “We must have caught them on a bad night…” but, as a rule of thumb, if there isn’t anything positive to say, we pretend it never happened.  Besides, there is always a better restaurant around the corner with tastier food and more reasonable prices.

In the case of the mystery restaurant mentioned above, this is most definitely the case.  Not just around the corner, exactly, but just minutes away.

I’m sure we’ll try this restaurant again one day. After all, I once fell in hate with a previously favorite restaurant here in Owensboro. Two different servers from hell – along with consistently over-cooked fries – made me avoid the restaurant like the Olsen twins avoid cupcakes. However, I’m always on board for giving people second and third chances (Fourth? Depends.), so I went back only to be blown away.  The server couldn’t have been sweeter if she’d picked up the bill and the fries were perfection.

We value our readers (we think of you as  neighbors and friends) and we have ZERO intention of ever steering you wrong. Hence the complete honesty.

I also wanted to remind everyone of something else: We’re simply a family, not a conglomeration.  Naturally, we can’t be everywhere all the time. If you have something you want covered, let us know. If we aren’t in your part of the state very often, we’ll make a special trip if you let us know how awesome you are!

We also tend to write frequently about people who are friends of Genuine Kentucky.  If someone has opened their doors to us, invited us in to take pictures and told us what makes them awesome- to be perfectly honest – we’re not only going to tell the world about them, we’re going to tell the world about them as often as possible. We’ll brag about them as often almost as often as we do our daughters.

What are friends for?!?!

Speaking of friends, the picture at the top of this post is Coconut Cream Pie from Grayson’s Landing (Rough River Dam State Resort Park).  I guess it doesn’t have much to do with this particular post, but looking at it makes me as happy almost as happy as eating it.  So there you go.

Thanks again to everyone who helps us spread the word and thanks again to all of you who contact me through social media, e-mail, and the contact form.  You make my days even more interesting!



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