Ghost Tour in Owensboro: Pictures from a Haunting Evening

Owensboro Ghost Tour

Owensboro Ghost Tour: The Miller House

Are ghosts real? Do you believe in ghosts? Cool questions, right? And with today being Halloween, I can’t think of a better time to ask these questions.  It’s also the perfect time for a Ghost Tour!

My family and I had a great time last night at The Miller House. They ran a special where you enjoyed a meal – vegetable soup, potato chips, and a burger –  while listening to wonderful ghost stories and got to meet “Mr. and Mrs. Miller” (as they were portrayed by a couple of wonderfully entertaining hams).

Mind you, the food wasn’t up to the Miller House’s usual standards.  Their regular food is to absolutely die for (poor choice of words while talking about ghosts).  If anyone ate the burgers and soup last night who has not eaten at the Miller House before… take it from me, this was not their typical burger or cuisine.  This is actually one of the best (and most beautiful) restaurants in the entire area.

It doesn’t really matter, though, the burgers weren’t the main attraction. The atmosphere, ambiance, and stories were.  The ghost stories were told by Owensboro’s ghost expert, David Wolfe. He does a wonderful job with these tours and ghost stories.

I hope you’ll visit his website, Haunts of Owensboro, and go on his tours asap. I did not realize it at the time – I really wish I had – but you can actually tip David Wolfe at the end of the tour.  Had I known, I’d have certainly done so.  Not only did he help make our Halloween more special, he is doing a great service for our town and community.  Anything that draws people to Owensboro benefits us all.  He obviously puts a great deal of time and research into his tours and it shows.  When you go, be sure to tip!

History Buffs: You’ll Love This Tour

I’m more of a history buff than a ghost buff, and the tour absolutely fascinated me.  To learn about men and women who lived in Owensboro, Kentucky years and years ago is nothing short of fascinating. To walk in the steps they walked in and see the big beautiful houses in which they lived (and live?) made this history buff’s arm hairs stand at attention.

Did you know that the last public execution actually happened in Owensboro, Kentucky?  A new hotel (on the riverfront) is being built on the site of this execution.  The man executed was Rainey Bethea – for the murder of a 70 year old woman.  On the tour, we were shown where her house once stood – a parking lot is there now.  A gentleman in the group raised his hand and said he remembered when the execution happened. He said he wanted to go watch, but his mom wouldn’t let him.

Good call, mom.

David Wolfe has done so much research for his ghost tours and knows so much about Owensboro’s rich history. It’d be amazing if he did History Tours as well as Ghost Tours. A local museum should line him up for Historical Tours throughout the year.  No ghosts… just history.  Believe me, it’s fascinating.

Warning: If you’re easily scared or “creeped out,” you probably should stop reading now and go have a cup of tea.  Just be sure to add a little honey… maybe a squeeze of lemon…

In this post you’ll find a couple of pictures I took from the evening. The picture at the top of the post was taken in front of The Miller House at the end of the tour.  Mr. Wolfe told us about a few mysterious (and a few not so mysterious) deaths that occurred in this very home.  Apparently a gardener was murdered on the grounds one evening – and no one has any idea why.  To this day no one knows why anyone would want this man dead. Mrs. Miller is believed to have died in her beloved house.

What’s more, over the years, there were a few more deaths within the home.

It was all very interesting, whether you believe in ghosts or not.

As I said, the picture at the top was taken at the end of the tour. It was the last picture I took.  The one below was taken only a second or two before the one at the top. You can see “Mr. Miller” in the doorway and can tell he had only barely moved.

I say all of this simply to bring your attention to something in the bottom part of the picture – toward the right.  I can’t claim to know what the blur is. There was nothing on my camera lens or it would have shown up in the other pictures. I have not altered the picture or done any effects to it whatsoever.

There wasn’t anything there. There wasn’t any smoke…. nothing.  And yet…. something.

Ghost Tour of Owensboro

Sometimes all that’s left to be said is, Happy Halloween!

You’ll notice in quite a few of the pictures something ghost chasers call “orbs” – little inexplicable circles of light (energy… whatever you want to call them).  They claim that these orbs are evidence of spirits or ghosts. Again, whether you’re a skeptic or believe in ghosts, you have to admit, the orbs were all over the place in a few of these pictures.

You’ll notice a big beautiful yellow home in the second and third pictures.  The present owner defined what Kentucky hospitality is all about. He brought out a big bowl of candy and let us all get our chocolate fix. Instant hero.

More Pictures from the Tour (You don’t know how badly I wish I’d taken more):

Again, go to Haunts of Owensboro and find out when the next tour is… then grab your camera and go, baby, go!

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