New Gallery Added to the Kentucky Photo Album

Hancock County Pictures

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.  Seriously, I get so into taking pictures hat you’d think it was my livelihood.  In fact, I recently took a poll on a photography website. The question was geared toward how often you take your camera with you when you leave the house. My first thought was, “You mean some actually people leave home without their camera?!?!

What if something happens? What if you see a beautiful butterfly enjoying a colorful zinnia? What if a big beautiful ox scratches his neck? What if you see the sun shining through a group of trees? What if your breakfast at Cracker Barrel smiles at you?!

I looked for “Are you daft?! I never go anywhere without my camera!” as an option, but realized nothing even came remotely close. So, sensing that I might be a bit of a nut, I slipped quietly off the website.

My daughter Stephany is a nut that didn’t fall far from the tree. In fact, she’s a tree hugger like her mom, so she can often be found near one.

She took a slew of beautiful pictures on a trip she and her husband recently took to Hancock County, Kentucky.  Click the link for the rest of the pictures.

Sigh. I’m so proud.

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