Pictures of the Day: If You Love Moonshiners, Then You Gotta Love Popcorn Sutton

Popcorn Sutton Bootleggers Inn Truck, Nashville

To celebrate my husband’s birthday, our family (which includes a friend who we think of as family) spent the day in Nashville a few weeks ago.  We ate, walked, took tons of pictures, and shopped. I say shopped, but the only people who even bought anything were my husband (who bought himself a wicked cool mug) and my oldest son-in-law who bought his wife/my daughter a gorgeous handbag.

Four females in the group and not one of us bought a thing – we kind of flipped the stereotype on its head!

I’ll write reviews of the restaurants in the coming days, but in honor of the Discovery Channel’s insanely entertaining Moonshiners coming to an end for the season, I wanted to share a few pictures I took downtown.  I thought these pictures would be perfect for picture of the day.

All of us are huge fans of the show, so we got as giddy when we saw Popcorn Sutton’s face as most people get when they see one of the town’s country music stars.

Truth be told, I’d have trampled over a star to take these pictures.  Come on, it’s Popcorn Sutton.


Popcorn Sutton Sign

Read more about Popcorn Sutton!

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