Track Leaves as They Put On Their Colorful Autumn Display

Autumn in Kentucky

I’ve already said how excited I am that fall’s right upon us, so I won’t go through the whole song and dance again… not yet anyway. I try to control myself because one of our daughters (Brittany) is ALL ABOUT Summer and almost gets the blues when she has to put away her flip flops and sandals for the year.

Who am I kidding, she never puts them away.

Now that autumn is just around the corner (shhh, don’t tell Brittany), you may want to “track” the changing leaves and plan your trips and photography accordingly.  You can do just that with the 2013 edition of the ColorFall program promoting travel to peak foliage viewing areas and exciting autumn events around Kentucky. ColorFall is designed to aid public enjoyment and media coverage of autumn in the Bluegrass State.

Coordinated by the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism and the Kentucky Department of Parks, ColorFall is now in its 28th year. Visit the ColorFall  Website for a variety of information about the state’s beauty at this time of year, including reports on stages of leaf changes from naturalists at parks throughout the Commonwealth.

Besides tips on timing trips to parks, forests and arboretums for peak color, ColorFall website visitors will also find listings of special fall events and a link to a Facebook page where you can upload digital photos of your own fall travels. The program, including the website, runs Sept. 23 through Oct. 31.

Dean Henson, the park manager at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site and a former naturalist, notes that many variables contribute to the degree of foliage color in any given fall season.

Among many unique events of the season are the Governor’s Autumn Bicycle Ride across Kentucky Oct. 3-6 ( and the Bourbon Chase team running race Oct. 18-19 (

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