A Reminder of Summer, Courtesy of Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Golf Course Flowers

Earth laughs in flowers.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The pics used in the collage above aren’t from a botanical garden or swanky spa – though they certainly could pass for either.  These were taken over the past two years at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park’s beautiful golf course.  The landscaping – and overall meticulous care – of this golf course is phenomenal.

Whenever we go to Kentucky State Parks (or other tourist spots), I always pull for them to represent our state in the best way possible.  This golf course (and the entire property of Kentucky Dam Village State Park) is just a picture perfect example of what it means to represent!  It always makes me extra proud of my state. That’s something you absolutely cannot put a price tag on.

Click the picture above to see larger. See more pictures of Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park’s Golf Course in our photo album.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, in the case of Kentucky, I’d say that’s 100 percent true.  We could use up all the words in the English language (and even borrow some from other languages), but we could never truly describe how beautiful or special our beloved state is.

You’ll have to just see for yourself in our growing collection of pictures of Kentucky! Also, be sure to check out our Pictures of the Day.

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