Signs of Spring and Summer are Everywhere at Kentucky Lake and Land Between the Lakes

Daffodils in Land Between the Lakes, March 2013

Saturday, Michael and I took a much-needed trip to Kentucky Lake and the Land Between the Lakes. I say “much needed” because:

  1. We hadn’t been in a while.
  2. These trips almost always involve fried catfish (one of my reasons for living).
  3. Michael, like most people who work Monday – Friday, deals with a steady stream of human beings. A steady stream of human beings can lead to raised levels of stress. Running away from it all (even if it’s just for a day) can keep you sane…. especially when you escape to such a beautiful and relaxing place.

The Land Between the Lakes is gorgeous, year-round, winter, spring, summer, and fall – but early spring brings with it its own special feelings of excitement and anticipation. I wanted to capture a little bit of these feelings in pictures.

From daffodils blooming in the Land Between the Lakes to boats being primed and prepped for months of life on the lakes at Lighthouse Landing, the entire region’s coming alive and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Grand Rivers was flooded with people (a marathon combined with the always popular Patti’s 1880’s Settlement turned this peaceful little village into a hot spot), so we didn’t make it to Green Turtle Bay, but undoubtedly it’s bustling with excitement as well.

Grab your camera and head off for the wonderful Lakes Region in Kentucky at your earliest convenience.

What can you do in the Lake’s Region? Plenty! Area attractions include:

Whether you’re looking for a week long vacation, a weekend getaway, or simply a “daycation,” Kentucky Lake and Land Between the Lakes are waiting to blow your mind. Blowing mind’s is what they do best…. that and fried catfish.


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