Picture of the Day: Beautiful Snowy Morning in December

Snowy Morning Dec. 2012

My apologies to those of you who hate winter and think of snow as a huge, white, cold mess – but I’m hoping for more. A lot more!  I am a snowbird at heart and, as much as I love spring and summer, I feel cheated if I don’t get at least 2 heavy snowfalls each winter. We were robbed of beautiful snow last winter and, so far, we aren’t seeing a lot of it this winter. The weather forecasts keep teasing me, but, when all’s said and done…. zilch.

At least I had one snowy day in December to enjoy. It was more like a dusting than an actual snow, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.  The picture above was taken here in Owensboro.  Right before I took the picture, there were about 8 birds lined up across the line, then they all thought of someplace they had to be and off they went. I don’t think they were as giddy about the snow as I was.

I have to admit, though, even I’m getting anxious for baseball season, gardening, hiking, and getting out on Rough River Lake.

But can’t a girl get one good snowfall first…..

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