Picture of the Day: Majestic Residents of LBL’s Bison Prairie

Talk About Remarkable Animals!

Bison Prairie - Land Between the Lakes

The bison is one of my absolute favorite animals. Anyone who’s sent me news about “Bison Dinners” only to see it un-posted can tell you that!   When I see an e-mail like that, I tell my cat, “Well, that’ll never see the light of day.”  We just delete the message and pretend it never happened.   You’ve heard of “tree huggers,” right?

Well, I’m a bison hugger.

The picture above was taken on our recent trip to the LBL (Land Between the Lakes). The Bison Prairie is right across from The Homeplace.  This is actually a different (smaller) prairie than the Elk & Bison Prairie (understandably one of my favorite places on earth),

These are remarkable animals and I never get tired of watching them or photographing them.

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