Bison at LBL’s Elk & Bison Prairie: Large, Majestic, and SO Beautiful!

Bison at LBL's Elk and Bison Prairie


Today’s picture(s) of the day show you some beautifully furry reasons I don’t eat bison. They’re much more beautiful on land than they are on a plate. They also happen to be one of my personal favorite animals. I once had a woman offer to send me frozen bison to eat and review.

I told her to feel free to send me a live one for my yard, but I had less than zero intention of ever eating one.

My pet never arrived. My heart’s broken but my cats thank God daily. 

 I just added a page to our photo album: The Elk & Bison Prairie in Kentucky’s beautiful Land Between the Lakes. My husband Michael, one of our friends, and I spent Saturday in the Land Between the Lakes area (golfing at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park‘s Golf Course, supper at Calvert City’s Willow Pond, Dessert at Kenlake State Resort Park, and an exciting trip to the amazing Elk & Bison Prairie). 

 We visited the prairie at dusk, which proved to be wonderful timing. We saw turkeys (A LOT of them) when we made the first turn into the prairie. I only snapped one picture. If we had been working with more time, I’d have gotten more pictures of these wonderful birds. They’re bigger in person than you expect them to be.

We also saw elk on several occasions.  If we had parked and waited it out, they’d have come closer, but… again… daylight was precious.

Bison at LBL's Elk & Bison Prairie

As we wound around the last curve in the prairie, we saw many…. and I mean MANY… bison just behind a row of trees (pictured above). Michael pulled the car over, to see if they were going to do what we expected them to do – make their way from behind the trees (where they’d been sleeping), across the field between the trees and the road, and past us to the huge watering hole on the other side of the road.

As you can see, in the picture below, they did just that.


And they kept coming! All in all, between 35 and 45 bison grazed right in front of us, then walked right in front of and behind our car. They walked so close, it’s a wonder we don’t have bison fur on the car.  There were quite a few young bison who, like all kids, played like it was their job. The gentleness these large, majestic animals have with their young is a beautiful thing.

It’s almost surreal as you’re sitting there watching these big beauties – animals you rarely have the chance to watch, photograph, and enjoy.

Bison, LBL's Elk & Bison Prairie

See Elk & Bison Prairie for more pictures. The closer they got to us, the fewer pictures I took.  For one thing, I just wanted to admire them and, for another, I didn’t want to spook them. When 35+ bison are, literally, within reach, I prefer for them to remain content.

The elk will be bugling next month (September) and I can’t wait to go back. Make a special trip, yourself, as soon as possible to this one of a kind place.

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