Logan’s Roadhouse in Owensboro: A Fun and Delicious Place for Lunch

Logan's Roadhouse Rolls

A while back, after they first opened, I wrote one of my Kentucky Restaurant Reviews about Logan’s Roadhouse in Owensboro.  While the food was great, the service (especially at the hostess station) left a lot to be desired.  Judging from what I heard (from A LOT of people), we weren’t the only ones to have a similar experience.

However, I’ve learned that you sometimes have to give a new restaurant time to get their legs underneath them, so to speak, so I decided a second chance was in order.  I joined two of my daughters and one of my sons-in-law at Owensboro’s Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch last Friday and am delighted to say the service was above par…. way above par.

The hostess was warm and friendly, the bartender came over right away to hook us up with our iced tea, and our server was outstanding. Our glasses of tea (really wonderful tea, at that!) were never even half empty and she kept us extra happy with plenty of rolls and butter.  I loved her for that.

Logan’s has plenty to choose from for lunch – burgers, salads, sandwiches, steaks, chicken strips, fried fish… It was almost too much to choose from, it took us a few minutes to decide!

I went with the fried catfish (on the menu, I believe it’s called Southern Fried Fish), coleslaw, and a baked potato.

Logan's Roadhouse Fried Catfish, Coleslaw, and  a Baked Potato

The fish was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Perfectly seasoned and perfectly fried.  Some restaurants (they’ll remain nameless… for now) really wimp out when it comes to the coating on catfish.  Not Logan’s – they did it up right.

I also loved the baked potato.  You can have your baked potato “loaded,” but I simply requested sour cream and butter.  It was outstanding.  As you know, I never put anything on my catfish – no tartar sauce, salt, pepper or even lemon.  Goes against my catfish loving belief system, I guess.  I did, however, taste the tartar sauce so I could tell you a little something about it. It was really, really tasty. I didn’t put it on my excellent catfish, though, because all I wanted to taste was the fish.

I asked our server (who was just so darn sweet!) if their coleslaw was good and she said she liked it – but that it was a mayo coleslaw.  I loved that she knew this fact (seriously, how many times do you have a server say, “I… dunno… but I can go check for you…”).  Sorry, but it simply isn’t asking too much for a server to know every single item on the menu and a question like, “Is the coleslaw a mayo or vinegar slaw?”  Shouldn’t send a server into a field of question marks.  I was impressed that this young lady knew her stuff.  On account of that alone (even though I prefer vinegar slaw by far), I ordered the slaw.

As I said, I prefer vinegar slaw but this coleslaw wasn’t bad at all.  After a little salt and pepper, it was downright tasty.

My son-in-law (Rusty) ordered steak and said that it was really good.  One of my daughters (Emily) gave me a taste of her steamed broccoli and it was AMAZING.  It had a perfect amount of crunch and the flavor was fantastic.  This broccoli would have won over even the biggest broccoli skeptic. It’s just super.  My youngest daughter (Stephany) ordered chicken strips and we both agreed that they were pretty uninspiring. Why anyone would ever coat and cook chicken without seasoning it is beyond me.  They weren’t hospital food bland by any means, but they didn’t make you say, “Wow!” when you tasted them either.  It was kind of a mystery how the same kitchen that served up perfectly seasoned catfish served up chicken tenders that had zero personality.

Thankfully, restaurant tables are equipped with salt and pepper shakers, so you can season until your heart’s content.

Besides, the rolls, catfish, baked potato, and tea were extra, extra special. Something else I loved about Logan’s Roadhouse was the fact that the very, very friendly manager came over and asked how everything was. She actually looked at us and at our food in a way that let me know she honestly cared.  It wasn’t one of those “pass by” check ups. She seemed to want to know that we were enjoying our meal. When we said we were, she smiled ear to ear and all but clapped.

I was very impressed with the ambiance, the food and the service.  It would appear that everything has come together at Owensboro’s Logan’s Roadhouse deliciously, and that makes me smile ear to ear and all but clap.

See Logan’s Roadhouse for locations and menu items.

Logan's Roadhouse Bucket of Peanuts

As always, you have a bucket of peanuts to snack on while you wait for your meal, or while you try to decide which delicious meal to order!


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