Majestic Pizza & Steak House in Benton, Kentucky (Review)

Possibly the Best Pizza Anywhere Near Kentucky Lake

Majestic Pizza and Steak House Benton -  Greek Fries

Greek Fries at Majestic Pizza & Steak House 

It might surprise some people when I tell them that Majestic Pizza & Steak House (244 Us Highway 68 E – map at the bottom of the review) in Benton, Ky. is one of my favorite Kentucky restaurants.  It wouldn’t surprise anyone who has eaten, there, however, because they’d know just how fantastic the food is. The pizza is out of this world good and they’re actually one of the few restaurants that “pull off” buffets.

Before I get back to their pizza (which I wish I were LITERALLY “getting back to” right now), let me just explain what I mean about them “pulling off” buffets.  If you read many of my restaurant reviews, you’ll probably know that – generally speaking – I’m not a fan of buffets.  Sure, buffets make it easier on everyone involved (the cooks, the servers, and even the diners – after all, the decision making is all but removed!) – but they’re almost always over-priced and the food usually isn’t as good as it is when it’s freshly prepared and not prepared in huge quantities.

The idea of paying MORE for food that tastes LESS than its best – that’s not something that makes me giddy.

However, Majestic Pizza & Steak House does wonders with buffets.  When you fill your plate up and return to your seat (in a gorgeous restaurant, by the way), the food tastes like they prepared it just for you – one item at a time. Even their salad bar is better than most.

However, having said all of that, as far as I’m concerned, ordering off the menu is where the magic really takes place.  Their steaks and baked potatoes, appetizers (especially their Greek Fries – pictured at the top), and pizzas are better than you could ever hope for or dream of.  Their Pizza is extraordinary. Everything perfectly fresh and the crust is exceptional. I honestly rank their pizza in my top 3 pizzas in all of Kentucky.

Baked Potato with Steak at Majestic Pizza and Steak House in Benton

Delicious Baked Potato and Juicy Steak from Majestic Pizza & Steak House

Truly great restaurants can take simple menu items and make them something extra, extra special. Majestic does just that with baked potatoes (my favorite in the entire state) and rolls. For the potatoes, I’m convinced there are potato ninjas in the kitchen. They’re simply extra delicious. Serving REAL butter on the side and name brand, quality sour cream (curses on off brand condiments!) add to the potato magic.

As for the rolls. They’re yeast rolls, which mean the Heavenly aroma works its mojo on you even before you take a bite. They are amazing, all by themselves, but when you add “Strawberry Butter” to them, it’s a whole new ballgame.

I absolutely LOVE when a restaurant goes above and beyond to do extra special things for their guests.  I also love it when a restaurant has something uniquely their own.

Majestic’s steak is also killer. It’s always juicy and full of perfect flavor. One bite and you remember why you fell in love with steak in the first place.  This is one of the few restaurants that I could eat the steak completely free of steak sauce – and that’s saying something because I’m a HUGE fan of steak sauces.

I was searching through my picture files earlier and absolutely cannot believe I can’t find any pictures of Majestic’s pizza.  I KNOW I took pictures because I distinctly remember my inner pizza fanatic telling my inner photographer to “Hurry the heck up!”  I also distinctly remember hurrying the heck up, snapping the pictures, and diving smile first into the pizza.

Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to go back and have more pizza. Sigh. The things I put myself through..

Baked Potato with Steak at Majestic Pizza and Steak House in Benton

Delicious! Yeast Rolls and Strawberry Butter

Don’t even wait for the next time you’re in the Kentucky Lake region to eat at Majestic. Make a special trip this weekend (or sooner) to Majestic and thrill your taste buds like they haven’t been thrilled in a while.  The only complaint I have about Majestic Pizza & Steak House is the fact that they do too many things perfectly.  I mean, it’s a real dilemma deciding what to have – some of the best pizza in Kentucky with a knock-out salad?  Some of the best steak in Kentucky with the BEST baked potato in the state – with mouth-watering rolls and strawberry butter?

Truthfully, it’s a dilemma I can live with because it comes just before a culinary joy ride.  At least I know one thing – Greek Fries as an appetizer will always be the first thing out of my mouth.

Majestic Pizza & Steak House is located at 244 Us Highway 68 E – and, yes, I’ve given the address twice in one review. You know what that means, don’t you?  Right… G-O!!!

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Majestic Pizza and Steak House Benton Ky

Majestic Pizza & Steak House.  The outside is perfectly cool – but the inside is really something to see. And the food… oh man… the food!

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