Mirko Pasta in Owensboro: Now That’s Amore!

Review and Pictures of a New Favorite Kentucky Restaurant

Mirko Pasta in Owensboro, Kentucky

A while back I read that an authentic Italian restaurant, Mirko Pasta, was coming to Owensboro.  The newspaper said it would be in the old Beyond the Brim building. I was so excited, I think I must have glanced over at the progress every time I was on Frederica Street!

Of course we went on one of the first days they were open. That’s how we roll.

Michael and I had lunch there this afternoon and it’s definitely one of my new favorite places to eat lunch in Owensboro. The beautiful Italian Restaurant another title as well – coolest glasses in the entire state. I’m not sure if you can see it very well in the pictures or not, but the glass has a line on it with the Italian word for Optimist written above the line and the Italian word for Pessimist written below the line.  I knew we were in the right place for cool things to happen.

From the Menu:

Practically everything you’ll find on our menu is made right here on the premises.  Each and every one of our pastas, sauces, breads are made from scratch daily using only the best ingredients available.  Our ambition is to serve the best fresh pasta anywhere. We create and serve the highest quality Italian cuisine and we combine that passion with an enormous amount of devotion to our guests, Italian standards, and traditions. We believe in savoring each moment and treating you to nothing less than you deserve, THE VERY BEST Mirko.

Bread and Bean Dip at Mirko Pasta Italian Restaurant in Owensboro

Beautiful Atmosphere and Friendly, Enthusiastic Servers

A lot of beautiful renovations and gorgeous Italian-inspired decorating has been done to what was already a great looking building.  I always loved Beyond the Brim and I believe it’s even more special now. The wide open dining room is lovely and you can, literally see the pasta and sauces being prepared through a glass window along one wall. I love the thought of seeing my fresh pasta being made and watching delicious Italian Cuisine coming together.

It’s a beautiful thing.

When we walked in, it was as though the hostess and servers had been eagerly awaiting our arrival. I would have gotten the big head, but I noticed that everyone got the same warm welcome. It reminded me of going to a relative’s house for dinner.  They meet you at the door with a wide smile, making you feel like you just made their day.  Then they show you to a wonderful seat and begin waiting on you hand and foot.  It occurred to me that it was the same reception my mom and grandmothers always gave us.

Seriously. How are you going to top that?

Our table had the gorgeous glasses waiting for us. Our fantastically friendly and helpful server, Shawn, immediately poured us some ice cold fresh water from a large chilled bottle, then left the bottle on the table. He asked if we wanted to order a drink to accompany the water but my husband and I were both perfectly fine with the freshest tasting water we’ve ever had.

Shawn told us about the menu items and even showed us a tray with the different types of pasta laid out beautifully.  He knew each by heart and even said the Italian names with flair.  Well done, Shawn, well done.

We were immediately brought a plate with two huge rolls and a bowl of what they referred to as their white bean dip.  The bread and the dip were both extraordinary!  Michael and I tried to decide which was better and, in the end, we had to give a slight nod to the bread.  It was just perfectly perfect in every way.  I LOVE restaurants that offer you complimentary bread (and even bring you more when you run out), especially when the bread is as amazing as this bread is.

The White Bean Dip was also fantastic.  I would have enjoyed it even more on toast or pita wedges.  It reminded me of hummus – a ridiculously fantastic hummus at that.

Tagliolini Bolognese at Mirko Pasta, Owensboro

Fantastic Authentic Italian Food For Lunch and Supper

It took us a few minutes to decide what to order because there were so many excellent choices. That AND the fact that it was hard to pull ourselves away from the bread and white bean dip.  I finally decided on the Tagliolini Bolognese (tagliolini with traditional meat sauce) and Michael ordered the Tuesday Special: Chicken Parmesan and Pasta with a Spicy Arrabiata.  My meal was only $7.99 and his was only $6.99!

The Tagliolini Bolognese was nothing short of amazing. The tagliolini was the freshest, most delicious pasta I’ve ever eaten. Good pasta? It makes a bigger difference than you’d ever imagine.  The meat sauce was absolutely perfect. The flavor was to die for and I was so in love with the pasta I was thankful that there wasn’t too much sauce – it would have detracted from the star of the show.

Michael said his pasta was also amazing and he was beyond infatuated with his spicy sauce.  I tried it and could see why. It’s spiciness was very subtle, kind of in the background.  That’s the magic of spicy sauces and very few people get it right.  9 times out of 10, the spiciness assaults your tongue from the start and you have no idea if the food is good or not.  You know it’s spicy, and that’s about it!  With Mirko’s Spicy sauce, you don’t have that problem – you know it’s delicious long before you know it’s spicy.

That is precisely how it should be.

Mirko Pasta’s menu offers a wide variety of choices for lunch or dinner. If you’re someone who only has a certain amount of time for lunch, you’ll be glad to know that Mirko Pasta is very, very fast. We were in and out in about 40 minutes and, like I said, we took forever to even order.

There was an upbeat enthusiasm in the restaurant that was contagious.  Everyone was smiling, happy, and more than eager to make sure each diner’s experience was a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

Mirko Pasta is located at 611 Emory Drive in Owensboro, Kentucky. Locals will recognize this as the old Beyond the Brim building. Click HERE for the Owensboro menu.

Sun-Thurs 11:00a – 9p
Fri-Sat 11:00a – 10p

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Go to Mirko Pasta for your next meal and let them absolutely blow you away.

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2 thoughts on “Mirko Pasta in Owensboro: Now That’s Amore!

  1. I love dining in as well as being employed at Mirko pasta. The Watson’s are a great group of people and it makes working there so enjoyable that it easily trickles down onto how each of our guests are treated.

  2. Tyler!

    I think you really hit the nail on the head – it does seem like an enjoyable place for everyone to work. When the atmosphere is so positive, I think it really does benefit everyone and the guests pick up on it. We’ve eaten there more times than I can even count now (LITERALLY!), and each time is a completely wonderful experience. I always wonder, “Where have you been all my life, Mirko?!”