Owensboro, Kentucky’s Executive Inn Imploded Sunday Morning

Owensboro Executive Inn

The Executive Inn in Owensboro Kentucky was demolished Sunday morning. Hundreds of Owensboro area residents watched as the seven-story glass atrium and central tower of the Executive Inn Rivermont collapsed in on itself, releasing a wall of dust that drifted toward the north.

“I pushed the button and nothing happened for a few seconds,” Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne said after the blast. Then the explosives detonated.

Officials said destruction of what was once western Kentucky’s largest hotel proceeded as planned.

The hotel was built in 1977 and was a source of pride for the city for many, many years.At its peak, the riverside hotel showcased major entertainers and was the city’s biggest tourism draw, but officials say the sprawling, 600-room complex was too big to be profitable. The building also had some major structural problems.

The Executive Inn was positively beautiful inside and out – and she housed many wonderful memories. I think most of us feel really sad about the large empty spot on the river.

There are several videos on YouTube of the imploding hotel if you want to check them out.

Facts About Kentucky

Facts About Kentucky

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