A Kentucky State Park You Have to Visit This Year: Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

Inside the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park Lodge

Inside the beautiful Pennyrile Forest State Park lodge. Look at all the stone and wood!

I just finished the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park page in the Kentucky State Park’s section of Genuine Kentucky, so when you finish here, I hope you’ll go read more about this lovely and very special park. You’ll see pictures of the charming lodge, learn the many things to do at Pennyrile Forest State Park, and even find out what makes one of their lodge rooms extra, extra, extra special.  Can you say tree house effect?

As you know, my husband Michael and I are huge supporters of all things Kentucky, including our amazingly beautiful, fun, relaxing, and historically rich state parks.  That’s why I’m always encouraging you to get out to our state parks as soon and as often as possible. You don’t have to go far for a fun family vacation on the water or a relaxing retreat in the woods.  You don’t have to pay scads of money on gas for a great golf getaway.  Heck, you never even have to leave the state line!

Our Kentucky State Parks have everything you’re looking for and then some. As a bonus, you’re keeping your dollars in your state – supporting local businesses and helping your own neighbors. Come on, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Whatever you and your family have in mind… Kentucky State Parks have in reach.

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When Michael and I want a mini vacation or even just a day on the golf course (he plays, I ride and drink sweet tea – we each have our clearly defined roles), more times than not, we head to a Kentucky State Park. Recently we visited the lovely, secluded, and peaceful Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park. Located on the lake, withing a forest (Pennyrile Forest), this is one beautiful park.  And, I’m not sure what they do with it or to it, but their catfish is some of the best in the world.

Below are a few pictures of the golf course (“the back 9”). A storm was brewing, leaving us without a lot of time for a round, so Michael just played the back 9. This animal lover was totally impressed with Pennyrile’s golf course. Within 10 minutes, I saw A LOT of Canadian Geese, a beautiful deer, countless songbirds, and a very entertaining turkey. See, that’s my version of a golf course review. “Wow, it’s a great course! All the wild berry plants and trees set the tone for deer and turkey sightings as well as hundreds of beautiful birds….”  – Golf Course review by Joi.

And golfers everywhere die a little inside.

Okay. How’s this? When we leave a golf course, 9 times out of 10, my avid golfer husband talks a little about the holes, then looks forward to supper or the next course he’ll play.  This time, one of the first things he said was, “I can’t wait to play those holes again.”

Bam! Perfect golf course review summed up in one sentence.

Plus, the wildlife….

On the day we visited Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, it rained cats and dogs just as I was trying to get pictures of the park.  That’s why there aren’t as many here as I’d like. As I always say – watch for more pictures to be added soon…  better yet, go see the park for yourself.

A few words about the pictures:

  • Check out the little waterfall by the swimming pool (the pool’s available for lodge or cottage guests) – when I saw the waterfall, I thought, “Wow! Kids would love that!” Then I immediately thought, “Wow! I would love that!”
  • The pictures can’t possibly convey just how lovely the stone lodge is. Inside and out, it’s like something out of a fairy tale.  Any time we’ve ever been to the lodge, I’ve noticed that the inside is always immaculate and charming and the outside is always perfectly landscaped with beautiful flowers setting the tone for the season.
  • Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, that’s a picture of a wooden floor you see. Yep, I took a picture of the floor. When I take pictures of a particular place, I try to capture the things that make it extra special – to sort of give my readers a “feel” of the place.  The beautiful stone and wood in this lodge are extra special – so, yes, your’s truly photographed the floor. You should have seen the face on an older gentleman when I did so. He grinned at me and I said, “Nice floor.” He replied with, “Very nice floor.”  I left it at that.
  • See more pictures of Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park!

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