Picture of the Day: Beautiful Kentucky Lake and Eggner’s Ferry Bridge

Kentucky Lake
On a recent trip to the Land Between the Lakes, we stopped at one of our favorite places in all of Kentucky: Kenlake State Resort Park.  It was a gorgeous day, so we did a lot of walking around taking in the beautiful sights: Kentucky Lake, boats, gulls, robins, trees on the verge of dressing in their beautiful spring and summer wardrobe, and people of all ages enjoying the show.

Of course I took my camera – I wouldn’t dream of  going anywhere in this beautiful state without my trusty “capture the magic in the moment” camera!

I was lining up a shot of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (looking as marvelous as ever, without a hint of the tragedy that had befallen it last year) when I noticed a couple of girls  in the distance, enjoying the lovely day as much as we were.  One in particular had a certain aura about her – one that suggested she wasn’t just content to “quietly observe” her surroundings, she wanted to “live out loud” in her surroundings.

Yes, it does take one to know one, actually.

I knew my kindred spirit would not disappoint, so I waited a few seconds and BAM, up went the arms, out shot the leg!  I whispered a silent, “Thank you, my dear…” as I snapped the picture and hoped it’d turn out as cute as I’d hoped.

I try to capture moments that define an experience when I take pictures. I want anyone who sees the picture to “feel” as though they were there. This is never more important to me than when I’m photographing people, places, things, animals, flowers, food, etc. in my beloved state of Kentucky. I want fellow Kentuckians to feel the love and pride I feel for our state and I want others to see a billion and one reasons to come get in on the fun.

The enthusiasm of this girl, in my opinion, totally summed up how my husband and I felt on this beautiful day. Everything seemed to be coming alive for the spring and summer seasons in the Land Between the Lakes area. Daffodils were blooming, boats were being primed to get back into the water, people were fishing – there was a palpable excitement in the air!

So much so that it made you want to throw your hands in the air, kick out your leg, and dance with the moment.

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