Picture of the Day for Fellow Bird Lovers: Welcoming Back Robins!

Robin at Panther Creek Park, Owensboro
I love birds with all that’s within me, but I’m never any happier to see ANY bird than I am the first robin each year.  That first chubby little orange belly always makes me smile ear to ear because it’s what I consider my first sign of waving goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

The first robin I saw this year was Thursday morning (Feb. 7). I was enthralled in my morning ritual – standing at the window, drinking coffee while watching the birds at our bird feeders and feeding stations.  I did a double-take when I saw my little harbinger of spring hopping across the yard.  I excitedly told my cat, “The first robin!” but her expression said, “Delicious,” so I found someone else to celebrate with.

The robin in the picture above was photographed later that day when my youngest daughter and I took advantage of the 66 degree weather by walking at Panther Creek Park. It was just ridiculously gorgeous and we loved every single minute, as did the birds, ducks, and a couple of older men who were fishing and just plain loving life.

The adorable robin actually stood perfectly still, consenting to pose for me.  She apparently loved the camera because I could have snapped 100 and she never would have complained once.  After a few shots, though, I simply put my camera down and just watched her.  Realizing that the photo shoot was over, she flew off to another spot.

See the other pictures I took that afternoon on our Panther Creek Park Pictures page – the newest ones are at the bottom.

Just look for the little camera lover.


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