Picture of the Day: How Inviting Does Rough River Lake Look?!

Rough River Lake

My youngest daughter (Stephany) and I were riding around Owensboro today – with the heat blazing as snow decided whether it wanted to fall or not.  It was a half-hearted attempt. Maybe it’s as sick of this weather as the rest of us are!

We found ourselves talking excitedly about warmer weather, lakes, boating, picnics, and both agreed that we couldn’t wait to get back on Rough River Lake.  Rough River Dam State Resort Park is a favorite vacation spot with our entire family – whether it’s for a weekend or a day, Rough River Lake is perfection each and every time.

As we talked about their beautiful lake, boat tours, scenic walking trails, gift shop, and fantastic restaurant, I knew today’s picture of the day had been decided.

So here it is… a tribute to a beautiful park ran by beautiful people.  Trust me, beautiful people, you’ll be seeing us soon. And often!

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