The Homeplace in Land Between The Lakes is Puttin’ By and The Snakes are Slithering In!

The Homeplace is one of my favorite places in the Land Between the Lakes region. It’s a beautiful, peaceful setting and I always look forward to my visits with the cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. PLUS it’s close to a bison range and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bison. They amaze me. I also love The Homeplace’s gift shop because shopping is something else that amazes me. (My poor husband can attest to that.)

On Sunday, August 24th, The Homeplace will have their annual “Puttin’ By the Garden” program.

From Leisure Scene: A Publication of the Marshall County Tribune Courier:
Summer fruits and vegetables had to be preserved for the winter months; however, before home canning became popular, preserving was a slow, tricky job. Visit the ladies of The Homeplace as they “put by” the garden and orchard harvest. Program free with HP admission.

The program is at 1 pm at the Homeplace. If it’s like it has been in past years, there’ll be amazing fruit and vegetables out on display. I swear, theres always produce that blows your mind.

If you like for your mind to be blown in another (slippery) direction – at 1:30 pm, at the Nature’s Station, there’ll be a Snake-y program. You get to meet some of the Nature Station’s resident snakes up close (AYYYYEEE!) and learn more about them. Rumor has it that these reptiles have a rotten reputation that they really don’t deserve and that people like me (with a little thing we like to call phobic fear) needn’t be so terrified. Yeah. Right.

Seriously, the program would be very educational and maybe (just maybe) if I’d ever made friends with these things I wouldn’t be so frightened of them now.

The program is free with Nature Station admission.

It’s actually a real shame that these programs overlap. Most people, I believe, would really enjoy BOTH, but they have to make a choice.

Also, if you’ve never been to The Homeplace before, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s a place children wouldn’t enjoy. Not only have our girls always love it, I’ve never seen an unhappy, non-laughing, non-playing kid there. Ever.

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