New Sushi Roll at Wasabi Express: Great White Shark!

Great White Shark Roll at Wasabi Express in Owensboro

Great White Shark Roll at Wasabi Express, Owensboro

It’s no secret that one of my favorite places to eat lunch in Owensboro is Wasabi Express. I’m sure you’ve read my reviews on Genuine Kentucky and know I’m smitten with this restaurant. Here’s the thing – I cook a lot (I guess the fact that I have a food blog would tip you off to that fact). I consider myself to be a very good cook – if you can’t be cocky about your own cooking, who will be?!

Because I do cook regularly, when I eat out I prefer restaurants where I’m treated to food I don’t normally cook.  Wasabi Express certainly fits the bill – there’s NO WAY I’d ever even attempt to make sushi rolls. Not when Wasabi Express has the best sushi in the world.  I’d be silly to even try to compete.

I also love their fried rice, House Soup (can you say addiction?), Hibachi, Tossed Salad (with a ginger dressing that’s to die for), spring rolls, etc.  Their appetizers are all amazing, too. Yes, I’ve tried them all.

I told you I was a regular.

Edamame at Wasabi Express, Owesnsboro

Edamame at Wasabi Express, Owensboro

A few days ago, my husband Michael’s  barber told him about a new sushi roll at Wasabi Express, the Great White Shark.  When he called to ask if I’d like to meet him at Wasabi Express for lunch in about 15 minutes, my purse was on my arm before he said “bye”.  15 minutes, nothing. I was there in 10.

I ordered my favorite sushi roll, the Kentucky Roll, because it’s a straight up obsession of mine. Michael ordered the Great White Shark. Be warned, it’s a hot one (you can even see the hot sauce sitting prettily on top!). He took one bite and was raving about it as he reached for his iced tea.

According to him, this is one of the best sushi rolls he’s ever had.

The Great White Shark Roll isn’t on the menu (at least it wasn’t when we were there), but the server will know what you’re talking about.

Kentucky Roll with Extra Ginger at Wasabi Express in Owensboro

The Kentucky Roll at Wasabi Express

On this particular trip, the Kentucky Roll (which is normally a perfect 10) was only about a 9.  There wasn’t any of the delectable sauce on the plate like normally accompanies sushi rolls and it just wasn’t as fresh as it normally is. Having said that, it was still better than everyone else’s sushi!  That’s the magic of Wasabi Express – even on a less-than-perfect dish, they’re still amazing.  This girl just digs the sauce.

This was, literally, the first time my Kentucky Roll wasn’t mind-numbingly perfect.  One time out of over 50 visits? I can live with those delicious odds.

If you love sushi – or have never tried it and are downright curious – you have to go to Wasabi Express in Owensboro. They’re in a league of their own. I do offer one small piece of advice though – and this isn’t something I’m ticked about or even annoyed by. It’s just something I think is funny.  I am ALL ABOUT the ginger they put on the plate to accompany the sushi. I could, literally, eat tons of it without taking a single breath. The past 3 times I’ve been to Wasabi Express, I’ve asked for “extra ginger” with my sushi.  Each time was a different server, so it’s not something one in particular does.  But, each time, my sushi has come out with a beautiful amount of extra ginger… but it’s been the ginger from the plate of the person dining with me!

If you’ll notice, in the pictures in this review (and probably in pics from previous reviews), my Kentucky Roll has a fat amount of ginger while the other person’s roll has zero.  To me, it’s pretty funny – but to whomever I’m dining with, probably not so funny.  Needless to say, I won’t be able to order “extra ginger” on the side anymore because I don’t want to take someone else’s from them.

It’s not something any of us have been particularly bothered by, I just think it’s funny.

So here’s the lesson to be learned – DO NOT ask for extra ginger. Just wait and pluck it off your companion’s plate yourself!

Wasabi Express is located at 636 Southtown Blvd – right off of Frederica. Go for lunch or dinner – you’ll absolutely love it.

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3 thoughts on “New Sushi Roll at Wasabi Express: Great White Shark!

  1. The Great White Shark sushi roll is by far THE best roll ever. It has a smoky flavor–DELICIOUS- spicy but not too spicy, and it is also creamy on the inside. Trust me, you will now be disappointed. I am a huge fan of the california roll–but since my husband tried the great white shark, I feel like my own roll is missing something. Enjoy!!

  2. Rebekah, My husband would totally agree with you! Personally, I can never get away from my favorite – the Kentucky Roll. I’m such a stick in the mud when it comes to sushi!