Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Theme Suites In Florence, Kentucky

Wildwood Inn Kentucky Cave Room

Wildwood Inn’s Kentucky Cave Room!

Looking for a very special place to stay in Kentucky? Wildwood Inn will blow you away.

I’m a USA Today fanatic and have been for more years than I care to think about, let alone count. In the June 29 (2012) edition, the word Kentucky jumped off the page at me.Ã?  Florence, Kentucky landed in the #1 position on the Travel Page for one of USA Today’s always entertaining 10 Great lists.Ã?  This particular list was called 10 Great Places for a Quirky Night’s Sleep.

Of course a Kentucky landed at the top! We’ve made quirky an art form.

The Quirky night’s sleep in Kentucky (okay…. one of them) can be found at Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Theme Suites in Florence – near Cincinnati.

In USA Today:

This memorable motel near Cincinnati gives guests an opportunity to sleep in a faux African village.Ã?  “Each room is a circular African hut arrayed around a pond,” Kirby (co-founder of RoadsideAmerica.com) says.Ã?  The more traditional two-story motel out front has a hillbilly-themed suite with a bed in the back of a pickup truck, along with cave rooms.Ã?  “It’s a standout,” Kirby says.Ã?  “It’s not aÃ?  murky, shady kind of place, it has family appeal.”Ã?  800-758-2335

The article included a picture of the Hillbilly room – it looks like a hoot and a half.

You HAVE to visit Wildwood Inn’s website and check out the other rooms. Other rooms include Cupid, Nautical, Western, Victorian, Arctic Cave, Aladdin, Polynesian, Oriental, King Spa, etc.Ã?  The website has pictures of each.

This place would be worth making a trip for all by itself!Ã?  Most of the times,Ã?  hotels or inns are found AFTER the trip has been all planned out. In this case, I’d book my room at Wildwood, THEN decide what I’ll see and so!Ã?  Wildwood Inn has a special page where you can do just that. See Local Attractions for a list of things to see and do in the area.

With all due respect to everyone on the list, it’d be pretty tough to beat Wildwood for the most memorable attraction.

Wildwood Inn Speedway Room

Wildwood Inn’s Speedway Room!

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