Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

The Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is located at 25 Carter Road in Owensboro.Needless to say, the gardens and flowers will vary by the season – but, make no mistake about it, it’s always breathtakingly lovely.

Visit these beautiful gardens as soon as possible, and don’t forget your camera. You’ll find a billion and one things you’ll want to take pictures of!

One of my favorite “things” to photograph on this trip to the Botanical Garden was our adorable tour guide… a very, very friendly and beautiful little black cat. There’s one particular part of the gardens where he would welcome visitors.  No doubt he could tell we were “cat people,” who loved cats to the ends of the earth and back, because he accompanied on our journey for a while. Then he retired to a gazebo for a well earned nap.

For more information about these beautiful gardens, visit the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.

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