Picture Yourself in Kentucky!

Rough River Lake

View our growing collection of  Kentucky Pictures.  We’ll have albums covering different Kentucky cities, State Parks, city parks, recreational areas, points of interest, restaurants, wildlife, and so on.

If it captures the heart of Kentucky, we’ll put it in the photo album!

We would really love for you to get involved. If you have any pictures you’d like to contribute to the website, please send them to joisigers@aim.com.  Be sure to include where the pictures were taken, and be as specific as possible.

If it’s a sunset, field, or lake and you just aren’t sure where the picture was taken, that’s fine, too.  I’ll add an album for pictures such as these since, to be honest, I have some like that in my own collection.

If you have old vintage photos of Kentucky, we’d love to feature those as well. Old pictures of downtowns, schools, restaurants,churches would add a lot of nostalgia – people LOVE nostalgia.

If you’d like credit on the website for the pictures you’ve contributed, be sure to include your name.  A thousand and one thanks! – Joi (“Joy”)

Index of Picture Albums

More to Come!

Pictured At the Top: View of Beautiful Rough River Lake from Rough River Dam State Resort Park’s Lodge Rooms

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