Bird Watching in Kentucky is a Beautiful Thing!

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It may sound like a wild exaggeration but birds and bird watching seem to cure many an ill.  Feeling blue, bored, lonely, or just out of sorts? Turn your attention to birds and the negative feelings seem to float away on their delicate feathers.

Bird watching is one of the most peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable activities I’ve ever known; which is why we’re adding a large section to Genuine Kentucky devoted entirely to birds, bird feeding, backyard birds, and bird watching.

Bird Watching, Birding, or Ornithology?

According to Bird Watching for Dummies (by Bill Thompson III, Editor of Bird Watcher Digest), which of these you call yourself is a personal choice.  Whether you consider yourself to be a bird watcher, birder, or ornithologist is your call.

Most bird enthusiasts make these distinctions:

  • A bird watcher is someone who prefers to sit and simply enjoy watching birds. This individual may (or may not be) limited to enjoying bird watching in their own yard.
  • A birder is considered to be a more avid bird watcher and, in addition to spending time enjoying the birds by watching them, this individual tries to actively see and list as many birds as he or she can in a given outing, day, or year.
  • An ornithologist really means business. Ornithology is the scientific study of birds, so an ornithologist is a practitioner of ornithology.

Of course, you could cover your bases and claim to be a bird watcher-ornithologist-birder.  I’ll call you bob for short.

Bird Watching Trivia

  • Over 80 million people, of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities are bird watchers.
  • Bird watching is second only to gardening as a favorite leisure time activity among North Americans.
  • Bird watching is considered the number one spectator sport in North America.
  • The average bird watcher spends an estimated $1,000 annually on their beloved hobby.  As an avid bird watcher, allow me to address this with one word…. Easily.

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