Beautiful Evening at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park’s Lodge

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Beautiful Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park: The View from the Back is Breathtaking.

Michael and I were in the Land Between the Lakes area Saturday. We did something we always do when in the area, stop by Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.Ã?  Sometimes we stop for lunch or breakfast and other times we stop to check out the scenery.Ã? Ã?  Since we had eaten supper already, we made one of our favorite evening stops at the lodge…. we stopped by for pie and coffee!!!

The State Parks, somehow, manage to have some of the best coffee in the world. Take it from me, I know my coffee. I single-handedly keep not 1, not 2, but 3 Starbucks in business here in Owensboro.Ã?  I can, at any given time, tell you which restaurants have the best coffee (Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, State Park restaurants, Waffle House) and which ones have coffee that’s not so fantastic (why oh why does McDonald’s coffee smell so much better than it actually tastes?)

The coffee served in Kentucky’s State Parks is, unless I miss my guess, John Conti coffee and you can taste the quality in every sip. On this particular trip, I told our server that we’d just be having dessert and coffee. She achieved instant hero status when she brewed us a fresh pot then set the kettle on the table with us.Ã?  I guess she knew of my reputation.Ã?  At any rate, I loved her at that moment.

Coffee at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park's Harbor Lights

I ordered a little slice of Heaven they call Chocolate Fudge Pie. Man oh man, this pie is the most chocolate-y thing you’ve ever tasted. It’s the sort of dessert that you feel compelled to say “Mmmmm…” after every bite.Ã?  As you can imagine, with my Kentucky Restaurant Reviews, I visit A LOT of restaurants. Allow me to tell you, as an expert, there is no better dessert in the entire state than the Chocolate Fudge Pie served at our Kentucky State Parks.Ã?  The pie is warm and delicious and it causes the wonderful vanilla ice cream to melt ever so slightly when it comes into contact with it.Ã? Ã?  Mmmmmmm! My mouth is watering just from the memory. When I post the picture in a second, I”m not sure what’s going to happen. I might just pass out.

Chocolate Fudge Pie and Ice Cream at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park's Harbor Lights

Michael had gone out to the car for his wallet while I got us a table and ordered, so I ordered him one of his favorite desserts of all time: Chess pie.Ã?  The chess pie served at our State Parks is better than most chess pie. It’s uncommonly delicious.Ã?  The secret may just be the ridiculously perfect crust.Ã?  As he ate his piece of pie, I think he mentioned the crust 3 or 4 different times.Ã?  Then again, it was hard to hear over all of my Mmmmmmmms

Chess Pie and Coffee at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park's Harbor Lights

Before going inside for pie and coffee, we sat on the patio behind the lodge and just soaked up the beautiful view.Ã?  I love the gorgeous view of Kentucky Lake and never get tired of watching (or photographing) boats, sailboats, birds, and trees.Ã?  It’s just a beautiful and relaxing little escape from the hustle and bustle of life… especially when you top it off with pie and coffee!

The people at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park do an uncommonly wonderful job keeping the grounds and lodge looking spotless and beautiful. Everything is always 100 percent perfect inside and out. I love the friendliness of the people, too. As I told my husband, the hostess at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park’s Harbor Lights restaurant is one of the warmest, friendliest hostesses at any restaurant we’ve visited.

I also noticed as I walked through the lobby a few times how extra friendly the ladies behind the desk were with visitors. It always does my heart proud to hear upbeat, happy, and oh so charming voices with their distinctive Kentucky accent – proving why the phrase “southern hospitality” ever came into existence in the first place.

Browse through the pictures of Kentucky Lake, Kentucky Dam Marina, and Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park below. Better yet, take a trip and experience it for yourself! Then YOU can be the one posting pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter bragging about where YOU are.

All of the pictures were taken within walking distance from the lodge.Ã?  Look at how beautiful everything is. I’m in love with the patio area. And the lake… and the chocolate fudge pie… and the lady who brewed me a fresh pot and sat it on my table…

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