Eagle Viewing Tours at Land Between the Lakes in February

This is the Peak Season for Eagles

Any reason to get outside and enjoy the beauty that is Kentucky is a wonderful thing.  If it involves wildlife… all the better!


Eagle Land Between the Lakes


I love seeing event announcements and press releases hit my e-mail’s inbox about getting outdoors and seeing wildlife the way they were meant to be seen…. in person.   The bird lover in me collided with the Land Between the Lakes lover in me with the following recent announcement from the LBL.

Winter is the peak season for Bald Eagle viewing in Land Between The Lakes. Both our year-round resident eagles and visiting winter “snowbirds” are out looking for fish around the lakes. During these staff-led tours, spend the day visiting some eagle-viewing hot spots. We will share tips on how to spot bald eagles in the wild and zoom in with spotting scopes for a closer look.

Everything Eagles Van Tours$10 per person
Sunday, February 1, 1:30-5pm
Saturday, February 7, 1:30-5pm
Sunset Eagle Viewing Tours$7 per person
Sunday, February 8, 4-6pm

To make your reservations or find out more, call 270-924-2020

Reservations required for all tours. You’ll be driven to wildlife viewing hot spots. Dress for the weather and bring your binoculars. Bring water and snacks. Moderate walking may be required.

If you can make the tours, be sure to do so. Everything the LBL does is first rate and you’ll have the time of your life!

Photo Credit: Land Between the Lakes

If you love the Land Between the Lakes as much as we do at Genuine Kentucky, you’ll want to consider becoming a “Friend of Land Between the Lakes.” Learn more at www.friendsoflbl.org or call 800-455-5897.

Jimmy John’s in Owensboro… What Took You So Long?

Perfect for a Gluten Free Lunch OR Any Lunch!

Jimmy John's Owensboro Unwich

I only have one thing to say to the Jimmy John’s “Unwich” pictured above…. Hello, gorgeous! Jimmy John’s recently opened on Frederica Street in Owensboro and I couldn’t be happier.  For one thing, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a happier, friendlier group of workers in one place in my life. Owensboro’s Olive Garden is one of the only places I can think that rivals the friendliness.

Must be an awesome place to work for everyone to be so happy.

Something else they are is fast. “Freaky” fast.  This speed is never more appreciated than it is at lunchtime. If someone is on a lunch break and has a limited time to eat, I cannot imagine a better option than Jimmy John’s.

If they were any faster, they’d meet you at your car when you pulled into the parking lot and hand you your order.

Jimmy John's Unwich

I know one thing, it’s an awesome place to eat. Unlike the vast majority of restaurants (fast food and otherwise), Jimmy John’s has clearly thought of those of us who have to eat gluten free – they have an option for the bread-less crowd and it’s called an Unwich.

You can choose any sandwich on the extensive menu and simply say you want it as an Unwich. It comes wrapped in a big beautiful piece of lettuce which is then wrapped in a colorful Jimmy John’s wrapper. It’s so neat and tidy you could even eat it on the run.

The fact that “Unwich” is listed on the menu and the fact that every worker I’ve encountered clearly knows what it is takes all guess work and clumsiness out of the equation.

Even their chips are gluten free!

Jimmy John's Owensboro, Ky

I hear that their bread is also fantastic and I can say this… it smells like Heaven, so I have no doubts that it’s extra special.

Two of my daughters, two sons-in-law, and I have been going to Owensboro’s Jimmy John’s regularly. Truth be told, our little group is probably keeping them hopping. My oldest daughter, Emily, and I have to eat gluten free and having a new lunch option that actually caters to the gluten free community is something we appreciate greatly.  The unwich means a lot to both of us.  I started off ordering (and loving) a different Unwich each time I went – but then I fell extra hard for the “Club Lulu” (Turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.) and have gotten it about 3 times in a row.

The great thing is that everything on their menu is fantastic, so whether you have to eat gluten free or not, you’ll find countless options. Great sandwiches AND great chips to go along with them.

Everything is ridiculously fresh and delicious – it blows me away every time.  Their sweet tea is also uncommonly delicious.

Jimmy John's Sweet Tea

Something else we all completely love at Jimmy John’s are their gigantic pickles. You’ll definitely want to order one of them along with the sandwich of your choice. They’re outstanding… and HUGE.

Jimmy John's Unwich and Pickle

For a fast (freaky fast), fresh, and delicious lunch in Owensboro, you’ll want to try Jimmy John’s on Frederica.

For a list of Jimmy John’s sandwiches, see their menu online.

Owensboro’s Jimmy John’s is located at 2300 Frederica Street – right next to Walgreens…. and within walking distance of Starbucks. Just sayin’.

Welcome to Kentucky: Beautiful Picture of the Day!

Just Kentucky Showing Off Again...

Kentucky Sign Picture
I love this picture. The picture was taken by a beautiful, intelligent, witty, talented, and perfectly charming young lady named Emily.

Should I mention that she’s also one of my daughters?

She is, however, still all of these adjectives and more… AND she takes a lot of great pictures.  You can follow Emily on Instagram for more beautiful pictures of Kentucky, Owensboro, cats, books, tea, coffee, gluten free meals, and more cats… and more coffee…

So like her mother in so many ways…

Emily is also a writer and fiction book reviewer.

Kentucky State Parks Family Adventure Quest 2015

Looking for Fun Things to Do? Look No Further!

Kentucky Family Adventure Quest
Kentucky provides every member of your family with countless fun things to do, beauty to see, and adventure to be had.  A family favorite, Kentucky State Parks Family Adventure Quest has a fun new twist this year, so grab your calendar, grab your map, and… whatever you do… grab your camera!

2015 marks the 10th year for the Kentucky State Parks Family Adventure Quest – the digital photo scavenger hunt for families or friends.

This year’s edition has a new twist. Teams of two to six members choose between an eastern or western booklet. This doesn’t mean you only get to explore half the state, it just means that the quests that require visiting a specific park will only be in the half of the state you choose.

That still leaves more than two thirds of the challenges that can be answered at your choice of parks. For example, a non-park-specific challenge may ask for a photo of your team building a sand sculpture at a Kentucky State Park beach. The beach you choose is up to you!

Teams have until Dec. 1, 2015, to complete as many quests as they like in an effort to have fun and win prizes. It’s a great goal-oriented way to explore the natural and historical resources of the nation’s finest park system. A digital camera is necessary to capture your team’s fun along your journey, and your photos just might show up on the park website or Facebook page. In fact, you can earn a bonus point just for sharing a picture and quest experience to the parks’ Facebook page on your own this year.

Participants from 5 months old to 87 years young enjoyed the quest in 2014, and once they start, many teams repeat year after year. Thirty-eight of the 137 teams that signed up in 2014 were repeat participants. One team has participated for eight years now!

“Team Jones” from Elizabethtown just completed their first quest in 2014.

“We had a great time! My kids would get so excited when I said we were going to do a ‘quest’ that weekend. I became a little obsessed with going to as many parks as possible and doing every quest,” said Ivy Jones. “We didn’t get to all of them this year. Can’t wait for next year!”

They may not have visited all the parks, but they did complete 20 quests, which earned them a lodging certificate, a $25 Kentucky State Parks gift card and four passes to the park fort, house tour, or museum of their choice.

Click here to read an article in Kentucky Monthly about one family’s great adventure!

By correctly completing just 10 quests, a team will receive a certificate for a one-night stay at the park lodge of its choice (Sunday through Thursday) and free passes to park museums or forts. Complete 20 quests and receive the lodge stay and passes, plus a $25 Kentucky State Parks gift card. Complete 25 of the 29 quests and get the lodge stay, passes and a $50 gift card!

Teams have until Dec. 1, 2015 to submit their quest booklet and CD of photos. As few as four park visits are required to earn the first prize level, if you do your homework.

A $15 registration fee gets you the quest booklet, a commemorative cap, a kite (yes, to be used for a quest!), bonus BOGO (buy one, get one) coupons for some of the destinations involved, and informational materials to help you along your way.

More details and registration forms can be downloaded at www.parks.ky.gov (look for the “Family Adventure Quest” button), where you can peruse the photo gallery of past participants.  You can also pick up a registration form at any Kentucky State Park starting in February.


Kentucky Pictures of the Day: A Couple of Little Stinkers

Yeah, It's Kinda Like That...

Skunk at Bird feeder

As you can see (if you’ve been to Genuine Kentucky before, that is), I’m in the middle of completely re-doing the website: re-designing, re-vamping, re-organizing.  It’s raining res up in here and it’s keeping me busier than busy.

Ever jump, excitedly into something then… when you get into it, realize there’s MUCH more involved than you initially thought?


I actually thought of these pictures earlier while working on a few of the new pages.  The pictures aren’t clear because I took them through my back door with a camera phone, no less. One of our outside cats (Hannah – a beautiful Tuxedo cat who’s the sweetest animal that ever lived) was eating breakfast, minding her own business when a little mother skunk waddled up with her baby and began eating from one of the cat food dishes.

Hannah and Friends
Our outside cats get regular visitors from skunks, possums, raccoons, squirrels, etc – but the size of this skunk caught Hannah off guard.

Her expression said it all – “What’s with this little stinker? Friend of yours?


Hannah and Little Stinker

When I ran into a problem earlier with a new page, I might or might not have called both the page and Monday stinkers. I immediately thought of Hannah and her own stinkers and knew I had my picture of the day.

It’ll take a while to get everything just how I want it but it’s all good – I work entirely from home so I don’t have to leave my desk unless it’s to grab another Chai Tea Latte. As long as they keep going in, I’ll keep going on.

It’s work, make no mistake about it – but I’m VERY excited about the new look. I know the new and improved Genuine Kentucky will be easier for you to access on iPhones, iPads, and other devices. I’m also making it as easy as easy gets for sharing information and pictures on social media and through e-mail.

I’ll be able to share Kentucky news and events with you immediately as well – I can “embed” tweets from other Kentuckians and agencies and spread news, events, pictures, and information faster than ever before.

Baby Skunk
I look forward to introducing you to a lot of new Kentucky photographers, authors, and enthusiasts. There’s a lot of us here in Kentucky who are very proud of our state and for many wonderful reasons, and we don’t mind shouting it from the tallest mountain… whether that mountain is Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Genuine Kentucky, or Pine Mountain, itself.

Over the coming days, I’ll add more to the navigation above, below, and to the side.  I want to make it effortless to access exactly what you need from wherever you are on the website. It’ll take me a few days, but we’ll get there.

I’ll just need more Chai Tea Lattes, that’s all.

Baby Skunk 2014

Winter Photo Weekend: Jan. 23-25 at Pine Mountain State Resort Park

ANY Excuse to Go to Pine Mountain is a Good Thing!

Pine Mountain State Resort Park Autumn Collage
One of the most spectacularly beautiful places I’ve ever been is Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Eastern Kentucky.  And when I say spectacularly beautiful I mean breathtakingly gorgeous – the sort of scenery you don’t ever forget. Whether you visit in Autumn (see the pictures above), Spring, Summer, or Winter – it’s always the right time to visit Pine Mountain.

Fortunately, you’re looking at a perfect opportunity to either go to Pine Mountain State Park for the first time or a return trip.

Pine Mountain State Resort Park would like to announce the upcoming Winter Photo Weekend set for Jan. 23-25, 2015.

The event features a digital photography competition with divisions for both amateur and accomplished photographers, impressive evening picture shows, and the exceptional photographic work and instruction of John Snell, a native Kentuckian.

Snell, based in Lexington, specializes in landscape, nature, and equine photography. His work has appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Southern Living, and Keeneland magazines, TIME books, McGraw-Hill books, as well as numerous local publications. He also conducts photographic workshops and provides digital printing services. (Visit his website at: www.johnsnellphoto.com.)

The weekend event is a quest that leads you on a discovery trek to out-of-the-way places where raw nature resides. Woodlands, waters, weather, and wildlife are all part of the experience, and it all takes place at one of the park system’s finest natural resorts. The evenings feature spectacular picture shows offered by our guest professional, and the wonderful dining and cozy accommodations on hand at the rustic lodge round out the experience.

The event focuses on nature and offers up four competition categories in two divisions.

Even though the photo competition is timed, the event is hassle-free. The emphasis is on interfacing with nature, finding the best locations, and taking your best shots. The event is a terrific alternative to being cooped up at home watching the snow fly.

If you’re looking to get out in the frosty air to stretch mind and body, Pine Mountain’s Winter Photo Weekend just may be the adventure you’re looking for. Don’t worry about the snow. The park has its own snow removal equipment.

A special event package will be offered for this year’s event that includes two nights’ accommodations and admission to all shows as well as the competition. The overnight package for one person starts at $114.90 (plus tax), and the overnight package for two persons starts at $139.90 (plus tax).

Registration starts at noon Friday, Jan. 23, and the evening program begins at 7:30 p.m.

To make a reservation, contact Pine Mountain State Resort Park’s Guest Services Desk at 800-325-1712 or 606-337-3066.

Also See: Pictures of Pine Mountain State Resort Park


Kentucky Coffee Mug from Starbucks

Three Great Loves Combined in One Gorgeous Mug

Kentucky Coffee Mug from Starbucks
This mug couldn’t have been more made for me if it’d had my name on it… spelled correctly, even.  I mean, no one loves their home state any more than I do, no one loves coffee any more than I do (my blood type is caffeine, I thought you should know that), AND I have collected coffee mugs and cups since I was able to walk.

Well, maybe not that long, but you get the idea.

This beautiful coffee mug was an early Christmas gift from my oldest daughter (with the exact same blood type). They’re available at Starbucks and, I assume, online as well.

This is one fantastic looking mug, so you’ll want to grab yourself one asap.

Kentucky Coffee Mug from Starbucks
Kentucky Coffee Mug from Starbucks

Winter Adventure Weekend at Carter Caves State Resort Park

Jan. 23rd - January 25th (2015)

Carter Caves State Resort Park Creek
Carter Caves State Resort Park will present a weekend of outdoor adventure with its sixth annual Winter Adventure Weekend, Jan. 23-25, 2015.

Guests will be able to enjoy hiking, kayaking, recreational tree climbing, cave tours including wild cave trips, winter survival, rappelling, archeological field trips, rock climbing, a zip line and other adventures.

Guests will be able to select from a list of trips they want to take – for beginners and advanced winter adventurers alike. All of the trips and events are led by guides.

Each trip level is based on the difficulty and skills required. The higher the level, the more skills and special equipment are needed. Guests will be responsible for appropriate dress, water, snacks and other items.

The list of the trips, along with registration information and other details for the 2015 event are available atwww.winteradventureweekend.com. All participants must register online at this site. The site can be viewed now and registration starts Dec. 12.

The nonrefundable fee for adults (age 13 and older) is $30, and the nonrefundable fee for children ages 6-12 is $20.  Some of the trips have additional fees.  (All participants must be at least 6 years old. Some trips have additional age requirements.)

Some new trips have been added for this year’s event, including photography workshops and a wild cave trip called the Bat Cave Backdoor. Other wild cave trips being offered include a Cascade Gone Wild Trip, a Lantern Trip into Sandy Cave, and a 5-hour trek into Tar Kiln Cave. Because of their popularity, nine wild cave trips have been added for 2015.

The weekend will start with programs and workshops on Friday afternoon.

Evening entertainment each night includes a campfire social along with local Bluegrass music with Beau Lambert and Fire in Line on Friday night. On Saturday night, there will be a silent and live auction by the Friends of Carter Caves and a squeezebox competition; Kentucky’s own Heath & Molly will perform.

Participants will be able to submit photos in the Winter Photo Salon competition. Categories include winter adventure, caving and local nature-adventure photos. The images will be shown during the Saturday night program, and winners will be awarded ribbons.

Carter Caves State Resort Park is located at 344 Caveland Drive in Olive Hill. The park has a lodge with a restaurant, cottages and campground. Besides cave tours, activities include hiking, swimming, boating and fishing.

The park is off Interstate 64 at exit 161. Take U.S. 60 east. Go approximately two miles and turn left on KY 182 north. The park entrance is three miles from the left turn onto KY 182 north.

The phone number for the park is 1-800-325-0059.


New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Kentucky State Resort Parks

Ring 2015 in Kentucky-Style!

Lake Barkley State Resort Park's Lodge

Lake Barkley State Park’s GORGEOUS Lodge

In a recent post on the Kentucky blog, I extolled the virtues (aka sung the praises… aka nagged you just a little) on shopping local. It supports our neighbors – keeps our money “in family,” if you will.  Another way to support our Kentucky family is to support their events.

Our beautiful Kentucky State Park system could and should, literally, be the envy of every other state in the nation. The beauty and history within our parks is unparalleled and I am so thankful, not only for the people who work for these parks, but also for the people who support them.

If you’re one who visits and supports these parks regularly, I hope you’ll vow to do so EVEN MORE in 2015… and take friends and family with you! Help them to develop a life-long love of our Kentucky State Parks as well.

The Kentucky State Parks are gearing up for 2015 with several New Year’s Eve parties and events planned at resort parks across the state.

A dinner buffet, entertainment, dancing and theater are among the options Dec. 31 at the parks. Many parks are offering lodging packages that include entertainment and meals. A few parks are offering Jan. 1 “First Day” Hikes.

Here is a listing of parks hosting New Year’s Eve events Dec. 31, or other events near that date. For more details and park information, visitwww.parks.ky.gov. All events are Dec. 31 unless otherwise noted and all times are local time.

Barren River Lake State Resort Park, Lucas

New Year’s Eve Party and Dance

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Barren River Lake State Resort Park. Dance the night away as you ring in 2015 with a variety of your favorite music provided by DJ Scooter Davis. The dance will be held from 8 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Appetizers, refreshments and party favors provided.  Watch the ball drop on the big screen and we’ll celebrate with two balloon drops, one for eastern time zone and one for central time zone. The park offers a lodging package of $169.95 that includes one night in lodge room, prime rib dinner buffet, breakfast, and dance for two. Or pick the cottage package for $289.95 that includes one night’s lodging in a cottage, dinner, breakfast, and dance tickets for two. Dinner and dance only is $85 per couple; dance only is $25 per person. Tax, tip, and resort fee not included. Call 270-646-2151.


Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park, Mount Olivet

Comedy in the Parks

Blue Licks brings you this year’s “Comedy in the Parks!” event for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy an evening of dining and comedy entertainment. After the performance, stick around for music from everyone’s favorite duo, the “Piano Doctor” Dave Stahl and saxophonist Freddie Helm. The park will also have a large projection TV showing you what’s going on around the country when the clock strikes midnight. This year’s entertainment will feature comedian Joe Deuce. Special guest Kyle Kincaid will be opening the evening entertainment. Dinner and show tickets are $37.04 per person. A package for two is $126.08 and includes dinner, show and lodge room for one night. For reservations and information, call 859-289-5507.


Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, Buckhorn

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Enjoy a peaceful setting while sitting around the fire in the lobby, or participate with the park programmer leading memorable family activities on Dec. 31.  The park is offering a special lodge room rate of $44.95 plus tax per night or cottage rate of $74.95 plus tax beginning the evening of Dec. 31.  Get the same rate for consecutive nights after Dec. 31. There will be a special plated dinner New Year’s Eve, 5-8 p.m. It will include a selected appetizer for two with a choice of ribeye steak, side, salad and selected dessert for $20 or seafood platter, side, salad and selected dessert for $14.  Both specials include drinks, but not tax or gratuity.

First Day Hike-Jan. 1

Awake to the New Year amidst mountain tranquility.  The First Day walk starts at 10 a.m. All activities are open to the public. Call 606-398-7510 or 1-800-325-0058 for more information.


Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin

New Years’ Eve Getaway

Bring your special someone to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park for a night of entertainment and relaxation.  Wednesday evening is the annual New Year’s Eve Bash from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.  A variety of dance music will be played by local DJ Jeff Petrey, of Radio Active Sounds. The park is offering a package for $164.95 plus tax for two that includes Wednesday night lodge room, dinner and dance, and New Year’s Day breakfast. Call 606-528-4121.

First Day Hike-Jan. 1

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park will offer its First Day Hike on Jan. 1. Join your guide for a 5-mile hike along the upper Cumberland River on the Sheltowee Trace. This hike is moderate in difficulty.  Meet at the visitor center near Cumberland Falls at 9 a.m.


Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park, Burkesville

New Year’s Celebration

Dance to music from the ’60s through today by Klassyc Tymes. The park is offering a package for $189.78 that includes the dance, lodge room for one night, dinner and breakfast. A dinner and dance package is also available. Call 800-325-2282 for reservations.


Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg

First Day Hike and Bike

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park will host two outdoor opportunities on Jan. 1, 2015. The first, a hike along Sassafras Trail, will start at 10 a.m. This will be a moderate, three-fourths of a mile guided hike. Learn about identifying trees,  birds and local history. Must be at least 8 years old and children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No pets please. The second event is a mountain bike trip along the Mountain Bike Trail starting at 1 p.m. This trip is considered strenuous and participants must be at least 10 years old. Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Call 606-889-1790 for information.


Kenlake State Resort Park, Aurora

Kenlake Kount Down to 2015

The New Year’s Eve dance will feature Stronghold playing the blues and old time rock-n-roll. The lodging package for $174.95 per couple includes a lodge room, dance, dinner buffet and breakfast buffet. The cottage package features the same offers with a 1-bedroom cottage for $194.95. Dinner is served 5-8 p.m. and the dance is 8 p.m. to midnight. Call 800-325-0143 for reservations.


Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz

Barkley Bash

Dance through the decades and into 2015 with friends and family at beautiful Lake Barkley. Event package includes overnight lodging in a lakeview room, dinner buffet for two, tickets to a decades-themed dance party featuring live music from Nashville band Top Tier, and breakfast buffet for two on Jan. 1. The overnight package is $215 per couple. Dinner and dance tickets only are $135 per couple. Dance-only tickets are also available for $90 per couple. Please note that this event is for ages 21 and older, and no outside alcohol will be permitted. Cash bar will be available.  Costumes are not required, but “best dressed” duo will win a Sweetheart Package for Valentine’s Day, or an overnight stay with dinner for two to be redeemed at a later date. For reservations, call 1-800-325-1708, or for more information, email nick.edmonds@ky.gov


Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, Jamestown

New Year’s Eve Party and Dance

Enjoy music from the ’60s, ‘70s and ‘80s with the band Joe Cowens & Co. A package for $99.95 per couple includes one night’s lodging and the dance (8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.) The park is also serving a dinner buffet, 5-8 p.m., for $24.95 a person that includes prime rib, shrimp, snow crab and catfish. Reservations are required for packages. Guests must be 21 and older to attend. Call 1-270-343-3111.


Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, Dawson Springs

 New Year’s Eve Celebration

Dance in the New Year with “Barry Russell and the Southern Bullets.” The park is offering a package for two for $140  plus tax, which includes one night lodging, dinner, continental breakfast and dance tickets for two (limited availability). Dinner and dance tickets can also be purchased for $70 per couple. Dance-only tickets are $40 per couple. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Call 1-800-325-1711 for more information.

First Day Hike – Jan. 1

Hikers will meet with the Pennyrile Forest naturalist on New Year’s Day in the lodge lobby to begin a 3.25-mile hike on the park’s Lake Trail. Wear proper clothing and bring your own water, snacks, and hiking stick. This hike is not recommended for children under the age of 5. Leashed dogs are welcome on the hike. Hiking sticks are available for purchase in the park’s gift shop. The hike is free and will last approximately 2 hours. The park plans to continue with guided hikes on the first of every month in 2015. To register for the hike, contact the park naturalist at rebeccae.clark@ky.gov or 1-800-325-1711.


Pine Mountain State Resort Park, Pineville

New Year’s Eve Mountain Bash

Enjoy a dance with DJ Brian O’Brien from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. for $10 a person. A special lodge room rate of $44.95 plus tax is also being offered. The Mountain View Restaurant will also be open 5-8 p.m. No outside alcohol permitted. Must be 21 and older to enter dance. Call 606-337-3066.

First Day Hike-Jan. 1

Start the year with a free guided hike on the Fern Garden Trail at Pine Mountain State Resort Park. As one of the more remote hikes on the park, it is sure to offer a genuinely peaceful experience. Hikers will meander through a lush, ravine forest of hemlock, tulip poplar, and rhododendron, as well as mixed deciduous forest and large sandstone boulders. Bring water and dress for the weather. This 1.2 mile hike will start at 11 a.m. Participants must register by Dec. 24 by calling Beth Byrnes at 606-337-3066 or by email at Beth.Byrnes@ky.gov.


Rough River Dam State Resort Park, Falls of Rough

New Year’s Eve Celebration

Rough River will host its annual New Year’s Eve celebration on Dec. 31. Enjoy an overnight package that includes a cozy lodge room, prime rib dinner buffet, New Year’s Eve celebration party and breakfast on New Year’s Day for two. The packages start at $169 plus applicable taxes per couple. Or you may wish to choose the dinner and dance option which includes the prime rib dinner buffet and dance tickets for two, starting at just $89 plus tax. Either way, don’t miss out on all the fun. Call to book your package today. Call 270-257-2311.