Coffee at The Hitching Post and Old Country Store

See? Now They're Just Showing Off....

The Hitching Post and Old Country Store Coffee

I’ve already told you one-million-and-sixteen times how much I love The Hitching Post & Old Country Store in Aurora, so I’ll skip the preliminary gushing and get right to the heart of the matter…. COFFEE.

The wonderful Old Country Store (next to Kentucky’s famous Hitching Post) is filled with pure gold for those of us who love antiques and vintage collectibles. For those of us who also happen to love delicious Kentucky food and coffee, well we just want to move right in.

When I walked into the store last weekend, I was hit… make that HIT… with the unmistakable aroma of coffee. I looked immediately to my left and, sure enough, there was a huge coffee display. I thought for sure I was going to pass out. I’m not sure the ladies working behind the counter knew what to make of me. Fortunately for me the sweetheart owner happened along and assured them I was harmless.

She even gave me some coffee to try – if I didn’t already adore her, I certainly would now!

{Review continued below…}

B-52 Coffee from The Hitching Post and Old Country Store

I tried the B-52 Coffee and it is exceptional. This particular coffee has a delicious blend of amaretto, Irish cream and Kahlua flavors. The aroma of this coffee sweeps you up even before you take a sip. It’s outstanding.

In our family, we enjoy making our own coffee and coffee-related drinks at home. It’s cheaper and, if you go about it with a little common sense, you won’t get hundreds of unnecessary calories in the process. The beauty of flavored coffee, like B-52, is that you get a knock-out flavor without having to add any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

I usually just drink the B-52 black – no cream and no sugar, but yesterday I added some whipped skim milk and voila! – I had a coffee house worthy latte…. just A LOT cheaper and with A LOT less calories.

It was also more delicious, but we won’t tell any of the coffee houses that. They’re sensitive after all.

{Review continued beneath Alexa…}

Coffee and Alexa

I would ask if you notice one of our cats, Alexa, behind my cup of B-52 coffee latte in the photo above, but how could you miss her?! I sat my cup down on the table she was sprawled out on so I could take a picture of it. I figured she’d make a nice background, and an appropriate one given the coffee mug.

What I didn’t anticipate was that she made a move for my coffee. Apparently she has a thing for Irish Cream. Who knew?

On this particular visit to The Hitching Post & Old Country Store, I also bought quite a bit of the homemade fudge.  I bought some Chocolate with Walnuts, Tiger Butter, and Peanut Butter fudge. They were all more delicious than they have a right to be – just like they are every time.

You see, I’m an expert. I buy some each and every trip.

I sampled something on this trip in the Old Country Store that I’m still kicking myself for not buying. It’s just not like me not to buy something right on the spot – but to my defense, I was pretty preoccupied with the coffee. Suffice to say I’ll buy it on the next visit. It was Southern Sweet Tea Jelly and it was ridiculously delicious. It was sweet and had that unmistakable tea flavor that we Southerners live for.

Oh man, I can practically taste it now… still kicking myself.

I hope you’ll make a special trip to The Hitching Post & Old Country Store SOON. I’m working on another article about the Country Store and will probably have it published by tomorrow.

For now, I think I’ll have another B-52 Coffee Latte. Shhhh, don’t tell Alexa.

B-52 Coffee from The Hitching Post and Old Country Store

You won’t believe how amazing this coffee smells!

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Pictures of the Day: Cumberland Falls

Gorgoeus Pictures from Lori Wells Photography

Cumberland Falls by Lori Wells Photography

We have some amazingly talented photographers here in Kentucky – some are professional, some are amateur, and all are extraordinary. The Kentucky pictures of the day today are from Cumberland Falls at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park (which is extraordinary in its own right!).

These wonderful pictures were taken by photographer Lori Wells. To see more of Lori’s gorgeous photography, be sure to visit her Facebook page. Her photography (like the two pictures here) looks like something off of postcards. She totally captures Kentucky’s beauty.

Thanks so much, Lori, for sharing your beautiful pictures with Genuine Kentucky!

Cumberland Falls by Lori Wells Photography

Owensboro’s Another Broken Egg Cafe (Review)

Perfect Place for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Owensboro

Another Broken Egg Cafe, Owensboro

There is so much energy and excitement here in Owensboro, you can practically hear the buzz and feel the electricity. Our downtown/riverfront area, especially, has so much going on that it can be hard to keep track of it all.

One of the beautiful new hotels on the riverfront, Holiday Inn, has something extra special and you don’t have to be an overnight guest to enjoy it. Another Broken Egg Cafe is located inside the Holiday Inn and, I assure you, it’s extraordinary (I was dying to say eggstraordinary, but resisted the temptation – I guess the fact that I just mentioned it means temptation won out in the end, doesn’t it?)

Members of our family have eaten at Another Broken Egg several times and we haven’t just been “pleased” each time, we’ve been “blown away.”

The first time I went to Another Broken Egg was for brunch, so I ordered a Gluten Free Jumbo Pancake and added a side of bacon. The Pancake was absolutely huge, totally living up to its name. My oldest daughter (Emily) also has to eat gluten free, so she ordered the same thing. For $1.99 extra, she added berries to her huge pancake.

Neither one of us could get over just how delicious the pancake was. Served with delicious whipped butter, it made a delicious meal and as for the bacon… it was seriously some of the best bacon I’ve ever eaten. You can tell when you’re eating excellent quality bacon and this was it.

Another Broken Egg Cafe, Owensboro Another Broken Egg Cafe, Owensboro
As you can tell from the pictures, the pancakes nearly cover the entire plate – and it was a huge plate, at that. And can I promise you something? My pancake may not win any beauty contests (compared to Em’s decorative version!) but it was out of this world delicious.

Another Broken Egg Cafe has a golden reputation with vegetarians as well as those of us who have to eat gluten free. It’s always refreshing to see a restaurant take everyone’s needs into consideration. Having said that, there is absolutely something for everyone – meat eaters, vegetarians, the gluten free crown, and the gluten gorging crown.

Another Broken Egg is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. There are burgers, salads, omelets, and glorious eggs cooked every way you can imagine. I have it on good authority that the omelets make you want to dance in the aisles.

I also have witnessed family members having other worldly experiences when they eat the potatoes.

A quick word about eating gluten free at Another Broken Egg. As their menu states, while they serve “gluten free friendly items,” their kitchen is not a 100 % Gluten Free facility. Speaking from experience, however, I have not had a single issue and I am HIGHLY sensitive. In fact, so is Emily and we both waltzed away happy as clams without a single issue. Well, other than full stomachs.

Whether you have to follow a restrictive diet or aren’t even sure what one would look like (most of my family falls into this category), you’re going to love everything about Another Broken Egg.  Because the food is so incredibly fresh, please be prepared to wait – possibly up to 30 minutes.  This isn’t fast food we’re talking about here. No one’s taking something out of a freezer and nuking it before hustling it out to your table.

One bite into your meal, this is something you’re going to be especially happy about!

The entire restaurant (like the building it’s in) is just gorgeous. Will some people consider the prices to be a little higher than what they’re used to paying when they eat out? Sure.

You can get a less expensive meal in some restaurants, but you can’t get a better one any restaurant. When you take into consideration that you pay for an experience as much as the food when you eat out, I’d say Another Broken Egg is more than worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Besides, I personally think the prices are reasonable. Click through the menu below and see for yourself.  You can also find the Owensboro Another Broken Egg Menu online (just click the link).

Click through the gallery below to have a closer look at the deliciousness that it Another Broken Egg.

Owensboro’s Another Broken Egg Cafe is at 701 West First Street (inside the beautiful Holiday Inn).

Phone: (270) 691-8960

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Owensboro, Kentucky: Home to One of 10 Great Southern Downtowns!

Southern Business & Development Recognizes Our Beautiful Downtown

Lazy Dayz, Smothers Park’s children’s playground.
Owensboro has one of the most beautiful (and fun) downtowns I’ve ever seen – and I’m not just saying that because Owensboro’s home. I’m saying it because it’s T-R-U-E.

Southern Business & Development apparently agrees because Owensboro was included in a great feature they ran titled, “Ten Great Southern Downtowns That Are Worth a Visit.”

{Continued beneath the picture of Bee Bop’s!}

Bee Bops 50's Diner in Downtown Owensboro

So what makes Owensboro’s downtown extra special? Below are just a few of the reasons our downtown is a must see….

  1. The same designers who created the infamous fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas created signature fountains in downtown Owensboro, in Smothers Park on the Riverfront.
  2. A 92,000 convention center that has to be seen to be believed and two gorgeous riverfront hotels are fairly recent additions to our memorable downtown.
  3. The RiverPark Center is known far and wide for its own beauty as well as its excellent entertainment including Broadway shows and musicals.
  4. Downtown Owensboro is home to the International Bluegrass Museum… a must see for music fans.
  5. Nona’s Downtown Market has become a favorite spot for locals as well as out of town guests. The beautiful building features Kentucky products, including a lot of gluten free foods.
  6. Bee Bop’s is a wonderful 50’s style diner with food so delicious you never want to leave. You’ll want to just make yourself at home with Elvis, Marilyn, Audrey, and the rest. Outstanding food, friendly servers, AND probably the best milkshakes you have ever tasted. It’s a great place to enjoy lunch here in Owensboro.
  7. The Creme Coffee House – simply put, the best coffee, hot beverages, and cold beverages in town. Each time I enjoy the heck out of a coffee from The Creme, I feel a little sorry for people who settle for the other guys. There is not comparison – The Creme is in a league of their own. I also love the atmosphere and vibe of the coffee house.
  8. Smothers Park is one amazing riverfront park that happens to be completely breathtaking. Whether you grab a drink from The Creme or a milkshake to go from Bee Bops, Smothers Park is ideal for strolling around or sitting and enjoying the view.
  9. Lazy Dayz Playground in Smothers Park (Pictured Above) is unlike any children’s playground you’ve ever seen. Your children (and you) will be talking about it for two forevers. Lazy Dayz Children’s Playground is completely handicap-accessible.
  10. The Another Broken Egg Cafe in the beautiful new Holiday Inn on the riverfront leaves me speechless – and, trust me, that doesn’t happen often…. okay, let’s be honest, it never happens. The food is extraordinary and the entire dining experience is beautiful, front to back. I’ll have a review up in a few days, but for now, just suffice to say YOU NEED TO GO. Seriously. YOU. NEED. TO. GO.
  11. Feta Pizza is also downtown and is, as I recall, some of the best pizza ever made. Since I can no longer eat gluten or wheat, my days at Feta are sadly over, but trust me… this is truly fantastic pizza.
  12. The Miller House is one of the most exceptional restaurants in all of Kentucky. Excellence, every single visit.

There are more things to love about Owensboro’s downtown, but these 12 are a really good start.

Mt. Sterling, Kentucky also made the list. Congratulations to them as well as Owensboro and the other 8 downtowns. I’ve moved Mt. Sterling’s downotwn to the top of my list of places I want to see this summer. When we go, you’ll see the pictures here on Genuine Kentucky.

If you’re from Owensboro, tell what you love about our downtown in the comments. If you’re familiar with Mt. Sterling’s downtown, tell me what I have to look forward to!

Not familiar with either of these downtowns? Tell us about your own downtown! I’d love to hear about as many downtowns across the state as possible. What makes your downtown special and… now, this is very important… where’s the best place to eat?!

Smothers Park on the Riverfront in Owensboro l

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Big mistake.

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Delicious Pictures of the Day from Wasabi Express (Owensboro)

The Best Sushi Restaurant in Kentucky

Sushi at Wasabi Express in Owensboro Kentucky

One of my family’s favorite restaurants in all of Kentucky is Wasabi Express ( 636 Southtown Blvd) in Owensboro. It’s excellent every single time and it’s also uncommonly affordable.

How’s that for a one-two combination?

We’re actually getting a second Wasabi Express in Owensboro (on Highway 54). In fact, it should be opening any day now. I’ll keep you posted and will have a review or 20 up as soon as I’ve tried it out.  IF, that is, I can pull myself away from the one on Southtown.

You know how it is with favorite restaurants, you come to love the surroundings almost as much as the food.

Speaking of the food, I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Click through the gallery below… and, trust me, everything is even more delicious than it looks.

Every. Single. Time.

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Beach Blast at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

Kick off the 2015 Swim Season on May 23!

Ready to go jump in a lake?! Kick off what many people around Kentucky think of as “Lake Season” with the opening of Pennyrile Park’s public beach for 2015. The details, from the Kentucky State Parks, are below.

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park invites you to attend the opening of the park’s public beach for the 2015 swim season May 23 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The park will offer loads of fun activities during the “Beach Blast” beginning with a sidewalk chalk art competition for children and adults.  There will also be a sand sculptor on hand creating a beautiful works of art out of the white sand.

Food will be available for purchase from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the park’s beach shelter. From noon until 4 p.m. the park will have a disc jockey dance party on the beach including announced games and dances.  Tie-dye T-shirts can be made at 2 p.m. at the beach shelter for an $8 fee per shirt. At 4 p.m., recreation staff will host a beach volleyball tournament.

Pennyrile’s beach will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning May 23 through Sept. 7., unless otherwise posted. Guests are expected to follow all the posted rules and regulations.  No pets, fishing or alcohol allowed on the beach. Swimming is only allowed in the designated swim area.

Pennyrile Forest Beach

Pictures Of the Day: Smothers Park in Owensboro

This Park Seems More Beautiful Every Time I See it!

Smothers Park on the Owensboro Riverfront

We grabbed a few sundaes at Sonic last night and enjoyed them on the riverfront. There were a lot of people enjoying Smothers Park last night and the beautiful thing is the ages ranged as widely as the ways in which we were all enjoying the beautiful evening.

  • Lots of families had their children on Lazy Dayz, Smothers Park’s AMAZING children’s playground.
  • A police officer enjoyed the view of the river – I’m sure he was thrilled hat everyone was peacefully having a wonderful evening. Made his job equal parts easy and enjoyable.
  • An older couple (probably in their 70s) cuddled as they watched the sun set in the distance – I couldn’t decide which was a more beautiful sight, them or the sunset.
  • Twenty-Somethings enjoyed drinks from The Creme Coffee Shop on parlor tables by the river as they talked and laughed and laughed and laughed.
  • A young father tried to keep up with two little girls, probably ages 3 and 4. They were a real sight, trust me.
  • Lots of people were taking pictures of one another in front of fountains and one mother, in particular, made me laugh out loud as she begged her young sons for them to “please, please, please be still for just one minute… that’s all I’m asking for one minute..” I’m not sure she ever got her wish.

For good reason, we’re very proud of Smothers Park and the beautiful Riverfront here in Owensboro. We love to show it off, too! I hope you and your family will come visit us SOON. Not only are we the Bar-B-Que capital of the world, we’re staking a claim on outstanding riverfront parks.

Come see for yourself!

Click the pictures below for a larger view and see more pictures of Smothers Park in the galleries – including more of Lazy Dayz… truly a one-in-a-million playground.

Fountain at Smothers Park

Battle of Sacramento Reenactment and Events May 15-17, 2015

21th Annual "Forrest's First"

Battle of Sacramento Reenactment

The Battle of Sacramento was one of the battles of the American Civil War fought here in Kentucky. The battle took place on December 28, 1861 in Sacramento.

The Confederate cavalry (led by Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest) numbered between 200 and 300. Forrest’s troops attacked and defeated a Union force of 500 under Major Eli H. Murray.

Continued beneath the picture.

Battle of Sacramento Plaque

Each year, Sacramento puts on a Civil War Reenactment to end all Civil War Reenactments. Seriously, I believe they top themselves each year.

The festivities begin today (Friday May 15, 2015) and carry through Sunday. All the information you need can be found at the Battle of Sacramento’s Website.  Read about the history of the Battle of Sacramento, check out the schedule and events, look at the awesome photographs… but most importantly, get yourself to the beautiful little town of Sacramento and watch history come to life!

Kentucky Dining by the Lakes

An Especially Delicious Kentucky Book with a Wonderful Side of History

Kentucky Dining By the Lakes

On a recent trip to the Owensboro Library with a couple of my daughters, I grabbed an armful of my usual suspects: cookbooks, books about Kentucky, American History books, and even a few books about Bigfoot (please try not to judge me, I’m sensitive). One book in particular, Kentucky: Dining by the Lakes
covered three of my favorite things in the world…

  1. Kentucky History
  2. The Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Region
  3. Cooking!

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get home and jump right in.

From the Back Cover: Kentucky: Dining by the Lakes provides and insider’s look at some of West Kentucky’s preferred dining establishments. Chefs and restaurant owners have generously opened their kitchens to provide easy to follow recipes for a sampling of their most popular creations.  Reflecting the diversity of the local cuisine, Kentucky: Dining by the Lakes contains selections as down home as fried catfish and chess pie or as exotic as Entrecote au Poivre and Parfait au Grand Marnier…. 

The book was published in 1997, so some of the restaurants covered are actually no longer around. This makes the book EVEN more valuable, in my opinion, as we’re literally left with a taste from the past.  A great example is the recipe for “Bill’s Coleslaw” from The Pelican.

Not only does the book give a couple of WONDERFUL recipes for each restaurant covered, the reader is given fascinating mini-histories of each establishment.

I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to have the same fun experience I did when I looked through the book (page by page) and saw each surprise along the way. However I do want to sort of whet your appetite a little, so I’ll name a few restaurants and recipes included in the book:

  • Bluegrass Steakhouse and Seafood (Eddyville) – one of the recipes included for this restaurant is a delicious sounding “Greek Salad.”
  • Country Cupboard Chess Pie and Fudge Pie!
  • Miss Scarlett’s Hot Brown (along with several other equally impressive recipes)
  • Willow Pond Vinegar Coleslaw… (this one made me strip my gears with excitement)
  • Kentucky Dam Village Golden Fried Catfish AND Hush Puppies
  • Kenlake State Resort Park Country Ham
  • Whaler’s Catch Crab and Artichoke Spread
  • And lots more – including restaurants around the lakes as well as restaurants in Madisonville, Paducah, and Henderson.

Many more surprises are waiting on each page – again, I just don’t want to give too much away. Part of the fun of Kentucky Dining By the Lakes are the surprises.

Legend has it that Ed McMahon mentioned Knoth’s Bar-B-Que on the Johnny Carson Show back in 1966, proclaiming it to have the best barbecue he had ever eaten. The very next day there were cars in the parking lot waiting for Knoth’s to open, and it has been a popular place ever since.” – Page 92

Kentucky: Dining by the Lakes is available on Amazon for pennies… and I do mean pennies. You can find used copies (which is exactly what you’d find in a library) for less than a dollar.  I’m going to order a copy the minute I take my library book back. Not only do I want to add it to my collection of Kentucky books, I know I’ll use the recipes again and again.

Click through one of the links for more information. You’ll love every single inch of this one.