With The Fabulous 50’s Show, Fabulous is an Understatement

The Fabulous 50s Show at Grand Rivers Variety

There were a couple of standing ovations, dancing in the aisles, and an audience full of happy, twisting, singing, laughing,  clapping, and thrilled individuals who were having the time of their lives.

It wasn’t a Montgomery Gentry concert or a Johnny Depp autograph signing.  And it wasn’t even me in a Starbucks, though the description’s fitting.  It all went down in beautiful Grand Rivers, Kentucky at Badgett Playhouse  The Fabulous 50’s Show lived up to its name and then some.

The dance numbers were fantastic and the singing was even better.  As always, there was plenty of humor and remarkable chemistry among the cast members.  The majority of the audience (except for, maybe, 10 of us) lived through the 50’s the first time around and seemed to be totally enthralled by the lovely trip home afforded by this extremely talented group of performers.

I’ve always loved 50’s music and these singers brought it to life as beautifully as anyone could have.  Michael Inge was so powerfully moving during one of his ballads that we all gave him a standing ovation.  As you know, I’ve been to The Grand Ole Opry on a number of occasions and I can tell you, truthfully, I’ve never heard anything any better.  Ever.

I loved the entire show, as did the sold out crowd. There were a few great  films during the show as well. One showed several commercials from the 50’s and they were beyond hilarious.  I kept thinking, “Are you kidding me?!” – You’ll have to see them to believe them.

The costumes were also incredible, as were the sets.  A very, very friendly couple from Paducah who sat beside us (and lived through the 50’s) were saying how everything was “just right.” The lady said, “It was just like that.”  I think she was especially moved by the fact that, according to her, Bill Minihan’s character was “exactly” like her husband was.  She even used the word “cocky!”  I loved it.  When I was leaving, I wanted to have a chance to tell each of the performers how amazing they were but they were, literally, swarmed with ecstatic men and women who were doing just that. Ironically, the couple beside us were talking to the Minihan’s (Bill and Sara) and I didn’t want to interrupt.  So I just floated outside and watched, joyfully, as others came floating out – each a little happier than the last.

The smiles? They lit up the little town of Grand Rivers.

You have one more opportunity to see The Fabulous 50’s Show this year – on September 4.  Please click HERE for ticket information.  If you know anyone who lived during the 50’s or anyone who wished they’d seen the fun firsthand, invite them along.  I promise you, you’ll all have the time of your life.

In fact, any time you get a chance to see a show at Grand Rivers Variety, don’t hesitate for even a second.  Get thyself to The Badgett Playhouse Theater in Grand Rivers, Kentucky every chance you get.  You’ll never be disappointed.  Their always entertaining Variety! Music, Memories & More show is currently running – it’s definitely a must-see.  Check out the full schedule on GrandRiversVariety.com and grab your tickets ahead of time.  It’ll be the smartest thing you did since you began drinking coffee.

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